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    Originally posted by ptbodale View Post
    or the King of Tonga is white?
    Maybe someday the Queen of England and King of Tonga should swap places. I bet the Queen would just love the climate in her new place.


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      I don't think anyone has ever called me PC in my life. Infact, half of my jokes would get me shot, which is why I keep them off the forums.

      I bet Jordan was refering to me when he mentioned the "Horrible jokes".


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        Originally posted by Crunk415balla View Post
        I bet Jordan was refering to me when he mentioned the "Horrible jokes".


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          I don't see a lot wrong with the joke, but I guess it's a sign of the times, since coloured isn't really used in the states any more (in that sense of its meaning, anyway) that I anticipated a cut on Nikon users when I opened the thread.


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            The only issue that I have with this 'joke' or statement is that it is often easy for people to make the joke when they are detached from the reality of the situation. Brian, in all honesty I do respect your humor (and enjoy the fact that you often run on the more 'crude' side of humor) and I fully respect your right to say that which you did, but I want you to also see the duality of the issue - you have the right to make the 'joke' but making it comes at a high cost - the possibility of sacrificing the respect of others, and hurting the feelings of some. It was a good move to remove it - in that you salvaged the respect of some members. Simply put - the joke seems inappropriate in that it begs the question - what does Brian really understand about racism and bigotry? To those that argue that my comment is immature and unfounded - I implore - if someone really understood the pain behind being the target of racism and bigotry - would they have found the 'joke' 'funny' enough to tell it?
            Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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              what does Brian really understand about racism and bigotry?
              I understand a great deal about racism and bigotry. Working as I do as a paramedic I see it every day at work and I dislike it intensely...when it is designed to hurt.
              The view of jokes involving colour is probably very different in the UK compared to the U.S. In the UK we laugh at ourselves, or situations when a joke is directed with the intention of pure humour. I'm considered a fat bastard at work .... mostly because I am ! One of my email addresses starts with BrianWbfsb, the bfsb stands for Big Fat Southern Bastard !

              I often get humourous jokes aimed at me ( crumbs on the worktop = "Hello, Brian's been at the pies again" ! ) and will fire back with a suitable retort, but will also come back with a "watch it mate" if the comment is obviously intended as a direct and hurtful swipe at me.
              My sense of humour is probably best described as "black" ( not a colour comment ! ) and has undeniably developed as a result of the work that I do. It's a defence mechanism against the horrors of this world that emergency service workers see every day but generally go unnoticed by the general public. Any readers here who work in in the emergency services will know what I mean.
              My comment re: the politically correct brigade, and my dislike of them can best be summed up with the following...

              In the UK there is a Black Police Officers Association. White officers are permitted to be members but do not have any voting rights and are usually shouted down at meetings.
              A group of white officers made a "tongue-in-cheek" attempt to set up a White Police Officers Association...and were very firmly told that that would not be permitted under any circumstances on the grounds that it would be a racist organisation !!

              I hate racism in all forms. I am well aware of the horrors of the past including South African Apartheid, deep south USA treatment of black people, the hunting of Australian aborigines for "sport", the African slave trade, the German treatment of the Jewish race... to name but a few.

              If my joke upset anyone then I truly apologise, it was never my intention.
              If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                Brian, no need to apologise. The PC police are everywhere in our countries and their aim is to force white anglo saxons to extinction.


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                  I thought it was fine. It was a joke, and it was amusing.
                  "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

                  -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'


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                    ...and the moral is...remarks dealing with race and culture, however harmless and light-hearted the intent of them may be, are better left said in personal settings around those you know well and those you know won't take any offense...

                    BTW....the world wide web is not one of those settings...