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  • I back!

    I back from Hong Kong today.

    I taking UA838 to Tokyo/Narita on UAL 747-400 N197UA at gate 61. I rushing to the gate cuz they run out of time that I came here too late. This plane went to across the China to avoid fly the typhoon cuz the typhoon is very strong wind and extreme turbulence. Only 3hrs and 48 mins to Narita from HKG. Then I move to free empty window seat 38A from 37D. They have more legroom than other seat. Some turbulence on China Sea. Normal landing and new terminal 1 in Tokyo/Narita.

    The next plane is UAL 777-200ER N209UA for UA876 at gate 31 to Seattle. I hanging out the airport for eat, internet, play video game and buy sumthin. But the plane swtich from N209UA to N790UA. What a pity?

    The boarding as soon to going Seattle. I just spot the plane around the gate. I rushing again to the gate. I sitting in the 17A next to Vietnamese man. It's a front engine wing on window. They have a PTV inside the seat same as Biz class. After takeoff, some medium turbulence and move across the pacific ocean. Only 8hrs to get into Seattle from Narita. I and Vietnamese man move to 33 H/J cuz the woman with 2 kids need to move to 17 A/B for baby to sleep on the floor. Cuz the panel were removed and torned. I fall asleep and the next morning I woke up to eat the breakfast. Approach to the Seattle/Tacoma Airport then the spoilers are up to make the plane slow down. It ready to landing and the spoilers are up again cuz they ran too fast to the ground. Again and again then normal landing and move to the S gate for int'l arrival. We went to immigration to stamp my passport and check my green card. Then we passed from immigration and I pick up my 2 luggages then went to custom to check everythings on 2 luggages. Now passed from custom and I go home.

    Do u understand me what I say?

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    I think I can sum it up.

    You flew to Seattle from Hong Kong today.



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      Me no get


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        I got it. Nice story