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    Originally posted by ASpilot2be View Post
    The first major problems came from flaws in the metal. The second one came from following directions from the manufacturer.

    I dont blame the crew for either problem. Maybe we just got a bad apple out of the bunch. Obviously people have been having good luck with the MTUs around the world.
    Only blondes and pussies actually READ instruction manuals.
    On the other hand, installing high speed diesel engines in ships that have to work for a living might not be the brightest of ideas.
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      Brian...a French car...really...I thought I knew you...

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        Originally posted by Cam View Post
        Brian...a French car...really...I thought I knew you...

        Everyone's allowed one little hiccup in their driving career !!
        Actually, it's quite a nice car except for the fuel economy, or rather, lack of economy !
        32 mpg urban and 36 mpg motorway cruise, mostly caused by it only having 5 gears. At 70 mph it's revving at 3600 'ish and really needs a 6th gear. It's only now in 2009 that Renault have started putting six speed boxes in all their ranges.

        I retire soon and will have to go for something more economical. It will need to be no more than 1.4 litre (cheap tax and insurance), around 3 years old and have enough room inside for a fat bastard like me to be comfortable. Not bothered about high performance, I'm quite happy cruising around at 70 - max 80 on motorways and slower on ordinary roads.

        Any suggestions ? It needs to be reliable, reasonably priced parts and a good dealer/maintenance network. I'm thinking Honda ?
        I've had my adrenalin rush over the last 30 years driving ambulances and latterly, rapid response cars. Tear-arsing around in your own car just costs money with the chance of the old bill (police to our American cousins) adding to the costs when they catch you....and frankly, driving around these days is getting to be a chore now. No fun any more.
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !