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  • Tim Hortons coffee and bagels

    Since there are a few food related topics at the minute I thought I'd add one too. While in America at university I was introduced to Tim Hortons and became hooked on their cinnamon/raisin bagels and coffee. I tried bagels from lots of other places and couldn't find anyone that came close. The coffee was consistently fresh (they would make it every 20 minutes or so like they promise) and cheaper than Starbucks. (I like their donuts too, but I think Krispy Kreme still has the edge.)

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    I think we should introduce Tim's to Australia. It's hard to get a good cup of coffee there. Starbucks is too expensive and bitter (my opinion).

    And yes you can't beat Tim's bagels.


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      Yes, I think I'll open the first franchise. I agree that the coffee here is pretty expensive. I think that Starbucks and Gloria Jeans are the only places here that you can buy filtered coffee (which I prefer to the espresso-based stuff that everyone else serves.)


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        I wonder how many Tim's store is in US...I went to Canada last year and Tim Horton was like DK in US, just much better food
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          Wendy's bought out Tim Horton's and is starting to build combined stores (at least in the U.S.) Around Columbus OH (home of Wendy's) I saw a few of these. I agree that their food is very good. I liked having the option of getting a sandwhich, coffee and donut or soup and coffee instead of a burger, fries and coke.


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            Well...I'm Canadian and Australian but I live in Australia now. There are lot of Tim Hortons everywhere in Canada. Canadians think that Tim Hortons are the best fast foods and they like them sooo much. For me, I think Tim Horton has lots of healthy food which helps me to keep fit ! I missed Tim Horton!! Friends of mine are right that Starbucks are very expensive!

            Yeah, I've heard that there is a Krispy Kreme store somewhere in Penrith which is close to Sydney. There is a place that you can buy the donuts...well I havent tried them yet!


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              Wendy's bought out Tim Horton's because the profit margin is so much higher than burgers plus Tim's seems to be crowded all day where Wendy's has cycles. I know a guy who has 3 Tim's franchises and they now go for around 1/2 million each (he got his when they were much cheaper and used his Dad's retirement money). A large coffee at Tim's is $1.29 Canadian, including GST, but it only costs them 14 to 20c per cup to make. The cost difference to produce is because of the rent and taxes.

              I not sure if that is an accurate purchase price for a Tim's store as we have a Country Style shop avail here in Peterborough for $250,000.