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    I always pick up a copy of MBR every month, they do some good pull out routes, not nesscersarily in this area but a lot of good trails for all abilities. They have some to download online, link here... .

    MBR is also a good mag just to keep in touch with whats going on in the cycling world, i prefer it over MBUK/WMB etc as they feature some good articles and actually have half decent photography too.

    Chris Sharps
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      Originally posted by Shaggy View Post
      I done 8.44miles today uphill half the way down hill for 1 mile and flat for the rest, had a 15mph wind in my face.

      56 mins.

      Furthest i have been. It hurt
      8.44 miles???

      Come on Lee, you can/will do better. I am up to 22.5miles in 2hours 30mins.


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        Yeah, downhill.

        i done 4 miles today then got a puncture
        Lee "Shaggy" Shand


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          Yes the day came I decided to cycle to a trail that the guys in the local bike shop had been telling me about. The cycle there is uphill all the way so I was pretty tired when I got there (4 miles) as I have only been riding for 3 weeks.

          That said, and too my surprise, after a mini mars bar and a 5 minute rest I was ready to go

          The trail is in Kent, in Breadhurst woods to be precise. I bit I dont was not all that long, probably about 2 miles, but it was my first go.

          The first bit was slightly down hill, it then dropped off to a fairly steep path, rocks, roots, bit of mud, I had experienced nothing like it to be honest and was not sure what to do. In the end i thought, just go for it, so I did, I just bombed it down the path, not as fast as I could, but as fast as I felt comfortable with.

          what surprised me in my short time of cycling is that I was looking ahead for objects, trying to plan my path round obstacles. it was great fun. then the not so fun bit.....

          Yep, what goes down must come up. I had never used gear one before today. Jesus Christ it was hard work, especially trying to pick out a route that was not so rocky

          Result? I done it, but I was wasted by the top.

          I had another 5 minute rest and carried on. the terrain was flat for about 1/4 mile, it was good though cos the terrain was under the canopy of tree's, therefore the ground was a bit more loose where it had not dried out, some of the track was boggy, so picking a route round these area's was great, having to go into the woods.

          After this section it was down hill again, this time I started to pull the handle bars up when i came to roots etc, I also went a lot faster down this section.

          the bottom came all too soon and I began the 4 mile cycle home, thankfully down hill.

          I am surprised because that was by hardest workout. My legs don't feel too bad though, so I must be doing something right.

          Really enjoyed myself, it was excellent. I was even more impressed with the bike, it just coped with everything, not a complaint, parts of the rocky terrain where i though to myself I may have an accident the bike just ploughed on through. Its a Scott Spark 35.

          Love it. Want to do lots more. Cant wait until tomorrow.

          Seriously thinking about buying a Garmin Cycle Computer GPS - I have a Cats Eye ATM but want to log what I am doing, I also want to see the ascents I do.
          Lee "Shaggy" Shand