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    I'm going through my old CD collection trying to get everything up on my computer, but there's a song right now that I can't for the life of me remember who its by or what its called, I can peg the Genre and the track time, I was wondering if there's a way I can use that to input into itunes then browse the results to see if any of the songs that come up are the one I'm looking for?

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    do you have anything else apart from genre and track time? A piece of lyics would help. There are apparently even websites, where you can sing the track and they try to match it with their db.
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      There are programs that will listen to the song and tell you what it is. It's pretty cool. Also typing in some of the lyrics into Google with "lyrics" after it, produces pretty good results.
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        I actually managed to find the song using the player and searching through bands that I thought it could possibly be. FYI it was Shadows Fall, the kind of vocals where you can't actually tell what they're saying.


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          Punch a lyric into the search box, and it should come back with the song name/artist.