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Trivia: Main campuses of major public universities in the US

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  • Trivia: Main campuses of major public universities in the US

    University of Alabama: Tuscaloosa
    University of Alaska: Fairbanks
    University of Arizona: Tucson
    University of Arkansas: Fayetteville
    University of California: Berkeley
    Universtiy of Colorado: Boulder
    University of Connecticut: Storrs
    University of Delaware: Newark
    University of Florida: Gainesville
    University of Georgia: Athens
    University of Hawaii: Honolulu
    University of Idaho: Moscow
    University of Illinois: Champaign
    University of Iowa: Iowa City
    University of Kansas: Lawrence
    University of Kentucky: Lexington
    University of Louisiana: Monroe
    University of Maine: Orono
    University of Maryland: College Park
    University of Massachusetts: Amherst
    University of Michigan: Ann Arbor
    University of Minnesota: Minneapolis
    University of Mississippi: Oxford
    University of Missouri: Columbia
    University of Montana: Missoula
    University of Nebraska: Lincoln
    University of Nevada: Reno
    University of New Hampshire: Durham
    University of New Mexico: Albuquerque
    University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill
    University of North Dakota: Grand Forks
    University of Oklahoma: Norman
    University of Oregon: Eugene
    University of Rhode Island: Kent
    University of South Carolina: Columbia
    University of South Dakota: Vermillion
    University of Tennessee: Knoxville
    University of Texas: Austin
    University of Utah: Salt Lake City
    University of Vermont: Burlington
    University of Virginia: Charlotteville
    University of Washington: Seattle
    University of Wisconsin: Madison
    University of Wyoming: Laramie

    Alabama State University: Montgomery (HBCU)
    Arizona State University: Tempe
    Arkansas State University: Jonesboro
    California State University: Chico
    Colorado State University: Fort Collins
    Delaware State University: Dover (HBCU)
    Florida State University: Tallahassee
    Georgia State University: Atlanta
    Idaho State University: Pocatello
    Illinois State University: Normal
    Indiana State University: Terre Haute
    Iowa State University: Ames
    Kansas State University: Manhattan
    Kentucky State University: Frankfort (HBCU)
    Louisiana State University: Baton Rouge
    Michigan State University: East Lansing
    Minnesota State University: St. Cloud
    Mississippi State University: Starkville
    Montana State University: Bozeman
    New Mexico State University: Las Cruces
    North Carolina State University: Raleigh
    North Dakota State University: Fargo
    Ohio State University: Columbus
    Oregon State University: Corvallis
    Pennsylvania State University: University Park
    South Carolina State University: Orangeburg (HBCU)
    South Dakota State University: Brookings
    Tennessee State University: Nashville (HBCU)
    Utah State University: Logan
    Virginia State University: Petersburg (HBCU)
    Washington State University: Pullman

    Indiana University: Bloomington
    Ohio University: Athens
    West Virginia University: Morgantown

    Rutgers, State University of New Jersey: New Brunswick
    State University of New York: Albany

    The University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, is private.

    As a general rule, the schools with the name "University of..."
    were established by the respective states' legislature as the prime public
    higher education institution. Those with the name "... State University"
    were established either as teachers' colleges or, as in the case of Alabama State,
    Delaware State, Kentucky State, South Carolina State, Tennessee State and Virginia State,
    as technical colleges for African-Americans during the Segregation era.

    A Colombian guy moved by the winds of fate to St. Louis, MO

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    Well the University System of Georgia threw those rules out the window a few years back. Nearly every single 4-year public college is now either __________ College and State University or ______ State University. The only exceptions: Medical College of Georgia, University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology. One tech school went as far as to change its' name. Southern Tech changed its' name to Southern Polytechnic and State University.


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      IM looking ever so hard for the connection in this thread to COLLEGE FOOTBALL... but i just don't see it...

      Whats this thread for??