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  • Feedback on my new airport site

    Didn’t quite know where to post this thread, so I ended up here in the off-topic forum. Hope it’s OK.

    I’m currently working on a website project about my local airport, Kristiansund-Kvernberget. I decided to do this because Avinor (the Norwegian civil airport operator) apparently isn’t able to maintain a website with updated information for neither of their airports. The site is supposed to work as a personal photo gallery for me as well, where I can post all my aviation related shots from KSU. So in that way, I kinda’ get both my interests out of one site.

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in giving me some feedback about the service, what you think of the photos, information, and services available at the site. There’s also a live-view radar available, showing aircrafts passing over central-Norway. Of course it’s not working the way I want it to at the moment, but at least you can see the flights.

    Please give me something to work with. The English version is located at . If you’re able to speak Scandinavian, you’ll find the Norwegian version at . This version is a bit more extensive.

    Conclusively: I’m not trying to advertise or spam you guys at, but I’m hoping to reach people that might have some feedback to give me. All responses are appreciated.


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    Far away from beeing an expert in web design, so take this as feeback from a regular surfer.

    I like the design: it's clean and lean without flashing colored jumping whatever-thingies. The page is easy to read and to navigate. I could find all wanted to see within a few clicks. The graphics are also "smart and clean".

    All in all: well done!
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      Thanks LX-A343!
      That the website was supposed to look clean and to be easy to navigate was one of my main concerns while developing, so Iím glad to hear you say that.


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        And now the radar... at least should be working proparly...sort of It covers quite a large area out in the Atlantic as well, including most larger jetliners from the Middle-East and Russia to the US and Canada. The A380 crosses over here daily. For those of you who are interested A screenshot to demonstrate:

        I still have to work out a few bugs, but I'm gettin' there