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Obamaís administration says no one should fly or take mass transit.

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    Originally posted by ATFS_Crash View Post
    That is the type of bloviated rhetoric that I would expect from him. As far as his reassurance that something stupid like that wonít happen again; is just more bloviated empty rhetoric. He has proven that his reassurance is worthless. His track record already shows he is more incompetent than Bush. For Obamaís administration; ďstupidĒ is the status quo.

    Hypocrisy. Obama and other fascist liberals expected Bush to micromanage and be responsible for everything that went on in his administration; yet Obama, the biased fascist liberal media have a hypocritical double standard for themselves. I think some of the reporters are starting to realize how stupid the Obama administration is. At the press conferences I have notice that some of the reporters are starting to laugh some of the idiotic hypocritical responses from the Obama administration.

    Ever since September 11 the fascist liberals have attacked Bush for not knowing the exact location of every aircraft in the air in the US; yet Obama doesnít even know where his planes are. Obama shouldnít be held accountable for what his own planes are doing under his supervision?

    I really donít expect Obama to micromanage every little detail; Iím just pointing out Obamaís and fascist liberals hypocrisy and that they are even more incompetent than Bush and his administration.

    Remember that during Obamaís campaign they claimed that Obama would be much better at multitasking crisisís; however his track record and his performance since heís been elected proves otherwise. He and his administration is worse. IMAO

    In some cases he is treating terrorists better than our own military personnel. Some of us military pilots have been through survival school that included forms of torture like waterboarding as part of our training to resist the enemy. With Obamaís Fascist Liberal insane morally bankrupt logic; apparently itís okay to waterboard our own people; but itís wrong to waterboard terrorists to try to prevent the murder of millions of innocent people.

    Obamaís administration does ridiculous things like punish our own law abiding citizens and reward terrorists. Obamaís administration has apparently decided to release some of the terrorists in the United States and put them on public welfare at the cost of a taxpayer. Obama (and other fascist liberals) frequently and severely flaunts and violates the Constitution for its own citizens; yet Obama (and other fascist liberals) want to give constitutional rights that were meant for our citizens; to foreign terrorists.

    Damage control. If Biden wouldíve said that originally, there would have been no controversy. At least in this case they admitted their mistake and apologized; rather than their status quo to deny and try to put the blame on someone else.

    On the contrary. That was just a bunch of bloviated contradictory rhetoric. Obama didnít take responsibility; he admitted it was wrong only after it was obvious that his administration screwed up; just like the scum they are; they tried to place blame on others with a witchhunt for a scapegoat.

    Yes your post is a hypocritical poorly disguised political spray. Just the type of dishonest trolling personal attacks Iíve come to expect from the hypocritical unfriendly skies of this message board.

    There was nothing disguised about my criticism of liberal fascism in my post.

    I both love and hate my government. I love most of our Constitution and most of the intent of our founding fathers. I hate the fascist liberals (that includes Republicans, Democrats and independents) in our government that ignore and are violating the Constitution and the intent of our founding fathers. Liberal fascism is destroying our country financially and morally. I hope Obama fails; because he and his henchmen (fascist liberals) are destroying our country. Saying you canít hope for Obamaís failure; would be like saying that Germans couldnít hope for Hitlerís failure. If more people would have criticized Hitler; the Holocaust and World War II may have been averted. The Germans that wished for Hitlerís success helped destroy Germany.

    Fascist liberals hate our government; thatís why they are ignoring the Constitution and our founding fathers intent and are implementing the destruction of our government by transforming it into a socialist/Marxist/communist/fascist government.

    {Your link is broken. (pretending to be as dumb as a fascist liberal)}
    Screw it...I have productive things to do with my time.


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      Time and again we have proof here of the First Law of Internet Discussion Boards, which says that it takes less than 20 posts in a political discussion thread for the government, any government, to be compared to Hitler, fascists, the Holocaust and so on.


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        YAY! This thread gives me my daily dose of stupid!