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Done somthing Inforgivable !

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  • Done somthing Inforgivable !


    Well, Here goes, We keep pet ducks and chickens, Which of course the ducks around this time of year get 'Broody' and lay fertile eggs in a nest in the garden, being asked by my mum to check on the eggs (After about 3 weeks of them being there and the duck whos broody keeping them warm and safe) we wondered if they where 'Fertile Eggs' or just eggs that had gone off so to speak, we broke one open to see wether it'll have anything in (You can make a small hole to check wether theres a chick in or not and patch it up afterwards) after making the opening the egg actully made a pop sound, and stank, it was 'gone off' so we checked one more out of the 7 eggs which had also gone off, so my mum told me to dispose of them as they would just end up smelling the garden out, so to get rid of them i threw them at the wall where the composter is as gone off stuff is good to make compost out of (Gone off eggs if un cracked or broke can actully explode), After throwing the first two which where gone off, we threw the last 5 which happened to have a Red/yellow colour when they hit the wall, going to brush the mess off the wall i noticed on the composter pile there was an undevloped pinky chick which had actully been in one of the 3 fertile eggs that we thought where gone off eggs, effectivly we 'killed' 4 live Creatures, And for this im finding it hard to forgive my self, I feel realiy bad as ive killed 4 chicks, which where healthy and would have hatched within a week ! At least it wasent infront of the Duck (Mother) and was away from the mother duck, But how does one go about forgiving himself for killing a weaker defensless creature that was healthy and had a good life ahead of it ? im utterly disgusted at myself.

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      I can understand being upset as I would be upset with myself over it. Not really sure what to tell you besides it is what it is. I'm sure you wouldn't have done it if you knew they were fertile eggs.


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        Wow! You killed all those chick ducks? ... you're a dick.


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          You horrible, horrible person.

          But seriously, things like this happen to the best of us, all you can really do is feel bad and then move on. =/


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            Please forgive yourself, it was an accident. A wee bit reckless, but understandable and forgivable; just try not to do it again. We all make mistakes; try to learn from it. They probably didnít suffer much and went quickly. If they were just common ducks and/or chickens. I donít think itís a big deal. If it was deliberate and malicious that would be a different matter. It sounds like youíre overreacting. Is normal and good that you feel some remorse for a while; but donít let it consume you. Most of us have done stupider things and have had regrets.

            I would suggest candling them before throwing them next time.

            We eat ducks and chickens. I assume you havenít experienced slaughtering chickens for food. Itís quick and relatively humane if done right. Thankfully I have never done it but itís a job I would think might mess with your head at first and might curb your taste for poultry. Supposedly sometimes the body can run around for a few seconds and the eyes and beak move after the head is decapitated.


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              I agree with ATFS_Crash. Unless you are vegetarian or do not consume poultry then this should not affect you to such an extent. The ducks will eventually be slaughtered and land up on your dinner plate at some point, so ultimately they meet the same kind of fate.

              For the love of God, folks, don't try this at home.


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                I agree with your initial assessment - It is UNforgivable to make such a gramatical error. The dead chicks - that was carelessness, not wanton cruelty, so you can forgive yourself for that.


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                    The mother will have more sex and teh babies will come.
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                      Originally posted by ptbodale View Post
                      As we go through life we undertake various jobs, make decisions and interact with a lot of people. Sometimes things go askew. If you learn from the experience and make sure you do your best not to repeat it then you will be a better person in the long run.

                      Don't beat yourself up over the ducklings.
                      Very good advice.

                      Keep beating yourself up over it and all you'll do is go "quackers" !!

                      Sorry, emergency services humour. I'll get my coat now.
                      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                        Rest in piece Logi Bear.WARNING: EXTREME PROFANITY AND CONTENT. 18 & UP. A young man recounts a day at the mall with a girl he found unacceptable. The fir...
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                          I agree, unforgivable.