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Getting rid of ad's on your computer

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  • Getting rid of ad's on your computer

    Does anyone know of a good program to get rid of ad's or programs on your computer? Every time I start up my computer, the same thing pops up every single time right after my computer turns on and it gets really annoying (it's some kind of ad for free scratchcards-Some gambling thing) So, what I did was read the 'help' button that was on the ad, and it had a URL to click to uninstall this ad. So I clicked the URL, and I had to click the 'uninstall' button on the website, and all of a sudden something else starts downloading, and sure enough, I restarted my computer and boom, I got another ad installed on my computer So now I'm stuck and cluless of what to do. An ad/'Free scratchcard" pops up when I start my computer and some search menu/ad pops up when I open my internet explorer. What do I do?

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    Go to and search for a program called 'Ad-aware'.

    Download, install, and run it and it may help you remove that ad.

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      Read this:

      It works very, Very well.



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        I had that frikin thing too. I went in and manually searched my hard drive and deleted anything that I knew wasn't supposed to be there. That got rid of it. I have no idea where it came from?


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          it will be back, take my word for it. You are missing the whole point, and the way it got there in the first place.

          Oh, well.............


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            Thanks for all of the suggestions!!! I'll try them out as soon as I can