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  • favourite/Least Favourite Logo/Livery

    Whats your favourite/least favourite airline logo/livery.
    One that is in need of a change the most?

    AirFrance (Dull, bland)
    Air India... (Old)
    British Airways.. bring back the world tails collection!

    any more suggestions?
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    glaad to see everyone's neutral on the issue
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      I agree they should bring back the BA world tails. There are still quite a few aircraft with them though.

      I don't like the easyJet colours, they look cheap and nasty as well as bland and dated.. Similarly the new MyTravel scheme I dislike (orange is a bad colour for a livery).

      I really like the Estonian livery [photoid=119108]

      bmi and American Airlines too.

      Delta looks better in real life than in a photo as well.
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        Best LIVERY: -KLM (also my favourit airline )
        -American airlines

        least favourit: -easy jet (but theire A319's are great)
        -martinair (its a shame for us here at AMS)
        -Onur air (toooo white)
        My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

        why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

        thats so childish....

        because hey we all know boeing is better


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          They really need some changes and fast !!!!
          Every airline coming up with either an all white or white + silver/grey belly fuselage.
          -Air France /
          Air Bourbon, even more horrible ; an all white 340-200 coming out with virtually nothing on it...
          -Japan Air Lines, barely released, already a need for change
          -Garuda, nice tail c/s, but.... same for Philippines
          -Air Algerie
          -Tunis Air and more....
          my favourites,
          Singapore / All Nippon / Shenzhen / China Xinjiang, classic but somewhate classy/ China Southern / China Southwest / Malaysia / Royal Brunei /
          Royal Jordanian / Air Tahiti Nui , for once for decades a french airline gets a nice livery ! / Kenya Airways / Royal Air Maroc / Southwest blue Spirit/ Varig / Lauda Air / KLM / Alitalia / Olympic multi blue tones / Aeropostal-Venezuela / Jet Airways.
          Some I miss
          Sorry guys, BA to fly and to serve/red speedwing/pearl grey top livery was quite classy, UTA, Air Afrique, Air Lanka...
          The ones I eager to see on full scale :
          Thanks for visiting
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