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A tribute to September 11

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  • A tribute to September 11

    MOst rememberance posts begin with 'as you all remember, two years ago on this day,....'. I have decided to change that. What's the point of writing what people already know? I am eternally saddened by the Pearl haror of my generation, and I know I will remember everything about September 11 for all my life. I will remember how I almost tripped over the last step in my house as my dad told me a plane had hit the towers. I will remember my dad and I laughing at the moron cessna pilot who couldn't see the towers on a clear day. I will remember my anguish as I saw another glistening spear hit our hearts. I will remember the saddness in my heart as I skipped off to school.

    I will remember how my classmates called me a dirty liar when I told them what was happening as we spoke. I will remember them asking the teacher turning on the TV, and learning that our worst fears were true. I won't forget the fear that America was being invaded by an invisible force when the Pentagon was hit. I will remember how, for one day, everything stopped still. The roads were empty, there was no life. I-85 was in rush hour not at 5 PM, but at 12 noon. I remember watching my teacher call her sister in NY to find out where she was.

    I will remember that day forever.
    I will hold my head high and head towards the horizon with bravery and pride.
    I will excel where those who died did.
    I will carry the torch of America with 280 million people, and still be happy
    I will make sure that flame never dies
    I will pass down what I learned
    I will NOT retaliate agressively.
    I will thank God that I am here on this planet.
    I will love this land.

    I will love my fatherland.....America

    -Aravind Krishnan, Spetember 10, 2003

    I will be an American...

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    I'm all the way with ya' buddy I remeber 9/11 like it was two days ago, and the images and video I saw on that day will forever be embedded in my heart and mind


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      I remember that beautifully clear day as vividly as yesterday. I woke up at 6am to get ready to go off to school. walked out the door at 635am to the sun climbing in the cloudless eastern sky. My thoughts weren't on planes or New York but ton being a Freshman in my 2nd week of school. I started my day with Geometry and then onto Biology where we took a quiz and I doodled small airplanes on the back of my sheet. I remember looking at my watch at 845am wondering when class would finish and I could go down to band class. At 9:25 I walked into the band room and some kid came in behind me saying something about a plane hitting the WTC. I went into the back room to toss some text books, thinking about the B-25 that hit the Empire State building and wondering why a Cessna would hit the buildings. When I came back out they had managed to hook up the T.V. and were watching CNN speechlessly. I walked over to see what was happening and then I saw on the T.V. a horrific image of plumes of black smoke pouring from the top floors of both buildings. At the bottom something was being said about a plane at the Pentagon. We turned off the T.V. to practice some music and when we turned it back on the towers were crumbling. We also saw reports about planes in Pa. And more acts possible. At 1021am I went to my Spanish class where I told the kids in my class that the WTC towers had fallen. One kid told me that I was feeding him a load of B.S. I told him to watch the T.V. and I got the substitute teacher to turn it on.(Our real teacher had gone to New York to visit her family that day) We saw the tape of the planes hitting and the loop of the towers falling and people jumping out. Our principal then came over the PA and told us that school would not be closed for the day and just to concentrate on our schoolwork. she came back on about 20 minutes later and said we would be leaving early and that it was a county decision. We left soon afterward but during lunch they were calling the names of kids whose parents had come to pick them up. I got home and turned on the T.V., I even skipped reading Air Disaster V. 4 which had arrived that day. I watched the T.V. late into the night speechless at the atrocity. School was canceled on the 12th also but we returned on the 13th questioning how that could have happened. it was an event where even many years on you will know about it and remember the horrible events.

      In Memoriam 9/11/01


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        frist is my last name, not a type-o


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          Another reason jetphotos is so much better than -- you should check out the 9/11 tribute threads over there. There's so many trolls trying to ruin it for everyone. At least this once is much classier.


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            God Bless America. Tomorrow I will remember.


            Oh yeah, I need another 87 billion bucks to go find Weapons of Mass Destruction...


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              this is the first post on the day of sept 11th this was made 7:18am, good bless america
              frist is my last name, not a type-o


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                also here in The Netherlands we still rember all those people that died, i saw the hole ceremonie today at tv and i want to wish all the americans on good luck

                God Bless Amerika

                i hope Europe and Amerika will find Bin Laden
                My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

                why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

                thats so childish....

                because hey we all know boeing is better


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                  Bin Laden or Saddam


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                    Originally posted by MauwieAir
                    also here in The Netherlands we still rember all those people that died, i saw the hole ceremonie today at tv and i want to wish all the americans on good luck

                    God Bless Amerika

                    i hope Europe and Amerika will find Bin Laden
                    thank you for your kind words, im glad to see that people all over the world care
                    frist is my last name, not a type-o


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                      There are a lot of American flags flying around here today.
                      It is a nice simple way to show our respect.
                      I'm in St John's Newfoundland Canada by the way.


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                        Well if I could know how to I'd put a picture up... That said.

                        Lest we forget.

                        Equipment: A camera (who gives a rip about the brand?)


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                          Photos from my pilgramige...

                          God Bless America!


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                            An edit from me

                            Click Here to view my aircraft photos at JetPhotos.Net!


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                              I just hope the world finds a way for peace and that learns that war is deffinetly not the answer...

                              And I also hope my generation learns from the bad mistakes of the past ones and makes of the world a better place to live...

                              I wish u all the best and Peace overall

                              Click & Help