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H1N1 (swine flu) may have mutated into a more dangerous deadly form.

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    Originally posted by indian airlines View Post
    "Connecticut independent Senator Joseph Lieberman..."

    Fox News makes me giggle.
    Actually, Lieberman ran as an independent in the last election (lost the Democrat primary, won the general) and is listed as such in the Senate roster. He caucuses with the Democrats, but technically is not one.


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      Guys and Gals - just a question: Has anyone taken the Vaccine as of yet?

      Recently here in Palm Beach - they offered the Vaccine at a Health Clinic (to all members of the public) with preference being given to pregnant women, small children, the elderly and those with respiratory illnesses (and those that have had them in the past...) - basically those at higher risk. Sadly, the clinic opened on that day at 7:00 AM and by noon there were only 50 people vaccinated with 400+ doses remaining and no one waiting to recieve them. By closing time (@ 5:00 PM) there were still 200+ doses remaining. I remember standing with the staff and other volunteers wondering (even after the local news station came and publicized it on the mid-day news) why no one was coming.

      So, as always - a few questions;

      If you did not have to take it (as some individuals are forced to take it due to their professions/employers), would you?

      Are you worried about taking it, and perhaps waiting to see how this strain plays out?

      Are you worried about taking it, and perhaps waiting to see how this vaccine affect those that have taken it?

      Do you plan on taking it in the future?

      What do you think will be the appropriate sign that the you should take the vaccine? (i.e. - a certain date, a certain event, a certain death rate)?
      Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.