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  • OBAMA win Nobel prize

    no joke,

    President Obama said Friday that he was "surprised and deeply humbled" by the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award him the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

    In other news, McDonalds worldwide now all given 3 michelin stars.
    The world has gone officially mad.
    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries

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    The Nobel Peace Prize has become a farce. It now has very little to do with peace or science.

    I first realized that the Noble peace prize became a farce when Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for essentially preventing North Korea from getting nuclear weapons by signing a peace treaty. So I guess all those rumors I hear about North Korea having nuclear bombs now must be a lie (sarcasm). Much like Reagan said: trust but verify ( and I’ll add carry a big stick of enforcement). A treaty is only as good as the parties involved. Monitoring and enforcement is an important part of bringing the terms of a treaty to reality. If the treaty doesn’t have any teeth and if it isn’t monitored and enforced and if there isn’t real significant consequences for violations; then the treaty is a farce. Jimmy Carter essentially helped North Korea get a nuclear bomb by giving lemmings a false sense of security. The Carter agreement with North Korea bought North Korea the time and gave them a cover story for their nuclear bomb program and help give them the knowledge and the infrastructure to accelerate their nuclear bomb program.

    What next is the Nobel Peace Prize committee going to posthumously award Neville Chamberlain and Adolph Hitler prizes for averting war with the Munich agreement?

    After all Hitler was such a liberal bringing about all kinds of peace agreements: German–Polish Non-Aggression Pact, Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, German–Latvian Non-Aggression Pact, German–Estonian Non-Aggression Pact.

    Regrettably the Nobel Peace Prize is being used to advance a partisan political agenda (a new world order; a world government; in effect dissolving the United States sovereignty). Regrettably people that have more to do with bringing about peace with their humanitarian efforts, enforcing peace, or legitimate scientific advances are being overlooked.

    Irena Sendler (To whom is one of many that I feel is much more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize)
    Glenn Beck tells the story of Irena Sendler. During World War II, Irena was a member of the Polish Underground in Warsaw. Sendler saved 2,500 Jewish children...

    Regrettably the Nobel peace prizes are going to frauds like Al Gore that is using junk science for his own greed. (personal financial gain and for political power). It never ceases to amaze me how the public often exults idiots as geniuses.

    Somehow I get the impression that the UN and the Nobel Peace Prize committee are just part of a puppet charade. The question is who is the real puppet masters?


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      This is a total joke.... He hasn't accomplished one thing towards peace in the Mid East! All he has done is alienate the Israelis, open talks with a terrorist regime, and waffled on Afghanistan. Yep lets give him a prize! He was given this based on his initiative and not results....WTF???? Last I checked in the real world reward was based on your results. What I find funny is he was nominated only 13 days after being sworn in as President.

      He said winning this is a call to action...well Mr. Prez better get to it...since you have accomplished ZERO since you have taken office. This guy has turned into the biggest hypocrite in the U.S. He calls us to action but his track record speaks for itself!

      At the very least this will brush the Olympic debacle under the carpet for him.
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        They give the peace prize to the US leader on the day that country bombs the moon?
        You couldn't make it up.
        Who knew there was oil on the moon? Or maybe it was a pre emptive strike?


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          WTF moment of the year... that is for sure!
          Proudly serving WTF comments since 2004


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            All your Nobel Prize are belong to us
            I like Mick Mouse


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              Originally posted by Fear_of_Flying
              The Nobel Peace Prize has always been an award with murky criteria and selection process, with about the same validity as an Oscar in my opinion. However, it's not Obama's fault he won it. He has handled this with humility and grace, saying he doesn't take it as a personal honor, and hopes it can have a positive impact on future diplomacy. What the hell's he supposed to do, refuse it? I don't think he bombed the moon either, by the way.
              The Media is blaming Bush's space policy on the moon bombing.


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                Wow! A second Kenyan with a Nobel Peace Prize in 5 years! Finally some has shown proper appreciation for what that country has done for world peace.


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                  OT: I'd like to point out that there is no magazine in the M16 Gore is using.
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                    Originally posted by Cam View Post
                    OT: I'd like to point out that there is no magazine in the M16 Gore is using.
                    Irrelevant; it's a moot point.
                    There still could have been a round in the chamber with a charged firing pin.

                    Al Gore like the typical fascist liberal represented himself as a fire arm safety expert and in his hypocritical elitist way; he snobbishly ignorantly lectured us on firearm safety as if he was a condescending expert; abusing his authority to give the appearance that he cares about safety; but apparently he was only interested in grandstanding and trying to get laws on the books with his name on it to build his vain standing in the liberal elite. Yet apparently he didn't even know the basics of gun safety; if he did he recklessly ignored his training.

                    Excerpt of some of the basic safety rules:
                    • Always treat a gun as if it is loaded.

                    • Always keep a gun pointed in a safe direction.

                    Al Gore's complacency, snobbery, hypocrisy and misdirected efforts on global warming are largely ignorant and counterproductive.

                    It never ceases to amaze me how the public often exults idiots as geniuses.

                    Since Al Gore is pointing the gun at his head; it seems to suggest that he knows that there is nothing in there worth saving.


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                      Originally posted by ATFS_Crash View Post
                      Al Gore like the typical fascist liberal
                      Gore is the very definition of a Capitalist as well as a righteous hypocrite. He made a mint off of his BS preachings yet enjoys everything he says is wrong....

                      If you compare his lifestyle and former President Bush's lifestyle Bush is 1000 times greener then Gore. Bush's ranch in Texas has the following "Green" mechanics to it.

                      25,000 gallons of rainwater storage
                      gray water collection from sinks and showers for irrigation
                      passive solar power
                      geothermal heating and cooling

                      Al Gore's mansion.....has none of that. Another empty suit who won the Nobel Peace Prize, this time for Climate Change when it wasn't deserved.


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                        Are we comparing the gun toting Gore, fighting for his country with the combat, draft and training dodging Bush with his alcoholic and narcotic taking tendencies?


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                          What a freaking joke. The Nobel Prize is now officially meaningless. Obama has done NOTHING to deserve it. He got it for one reason, he is not George W. Bush. Giving it to this empty suit because "he has hope" is a slap in the face to every deserving winner of the prize, except for Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Arafat.

                          Another fact that shows this was a farce. Obama had been in office a total of 11 DAYS when the deadline for nominations passed. He had done NOTHING to deserve this award. Alfred Nobel is rolling in his grave. This is nothing but a bunch of socialists in Europe trying to influence American politics. Thankfully the American people are able to see through a farce perpetrated by a bunch of Euros who would like nothing more than to see the U.S. reduced to 3rd world status.

                          The only people who actually think this is a good idea are the die hard, rabid Obama kook-aid drinkers. Even a lot of liberals have said they should not have given it to him and it devalues the past awards (not that there was much value left to begin with).


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                            Originally posted by Baaboo View Post
                            Are we comparing the gun toting Gore, fighting for his country with the combat, draft and training dodging Bush with his alcoholic and narcotic taking tendencies?
                            Enjoying the kool-aid?

                            I love how when liberals do not have a rational argument, they attack, slander, and defame.


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                              Originally posted by B757300 View Post
                              Enjoying the kool-aid?

                              I love how when liberals do not have a rational argument, they attack, slander, and defame.

                              Don't ever confuse me with a liberal.