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    Originally posted by Chris Kilroy View Post
    The word "progressivism" is probably the most laughable part of the entire political debate.

    "Progressives" were once called liberals. That word, rightly so, became associated with so many negatives that it was deemed unaccepted to call a liberal a liberal. Liberals had to choose a new word that didn't have the connotations of the word liberal, so they chose "progressive" -- I mean, seriously, how could anyone argue against PROGRESS?

    "Progressivism" has nothing to do with progress. It's just another word for liberal. Just because you randomly assign a word with a certain meaning to your political beliefs doesn't mean it's representative of your political beliefs.

    And progress isn't always a good thing.
    You guys hijacking words again - sheesh - I'm betting you didn't even get the queen's permission first.

    OK, I'll come clean too - I don't live in a cave, or club domestic animals for food. However I did eat steak last night. Oh, and Win 3.11 isn't too far wide of the mark - I still use XP.