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  • Peanuts

    I have to report that my cat ate some peanuts last night. I know pilots have often been reported as eating peanuts, which, whilst not something we would encourage here at, is certainly understandable in Human terms. Pilots like peanuts. Deny that if you dare, pilots of Today.
    The significant point I am making is that cats are not generally known for their love of peanuts. Sure, cats have a habit of Mauling the occasional peanut, but glumping down half a packet in one gulp like a pilot? Unheard of and therefore report-worthy. (Its called Teagan, if you must know, not that it answers to that name, anymore than pilots answer to 'my good man')
    So what I am asking correspondents on this forum to advise me of, is known incidents where pilotys, bandy-legged or true Upright Warriors have been observed eating, - PEANUTS!

    PS I am 59 years old.