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Most frighting experiance ever to happen to me

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  • Most frighting experiance ever to happen to me

    Hello all

    i have been absent from this forum for a while due to having to go to hospital. It all happened two weeks ago when i had fevers, cramps, ear ache, throat sorness when ever i spoke and talked. Went to the doctor 2 days after it happen Dr Wong! was the doctor and he told me i had an upper respiratory system failure (what the heck is that) anyway the next day it go worse and i was having problems breathing so it was off to the doctors again, i put myself throught the system and saw the front desk people who wrote and did there things, then it took a turn for the worse. While standing there everthing was going blurry and my legs could not hold me lucky for me there were two people behind me that caught me and i got rushed into the doctors (from there i could hear a person complaining that he has a very bigger problem than me and i later found out he broke his arm! :S) well the doctor took temperatures and all teh stuff what he could and then they dizzyness came back and i wa throwing up and worst i could not breathe! as i had serve cramps in the lungs so i got rushed up to my nearest hospital where thankfully it was only 5minutes away. I spent the night in hospital in observation and the doctors took everythign that they could. they told me that they took there samples and could not find anything wrong yet so they sent me home and i am still waiting for my results in that.

    If you ever could not breathe at all, you know what it feels like and i do not want that to ever happent to me again.

    Well i have not heard my results back yet, but hopefully it does not effect anythign that i like doing.
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    Jeez. Sounds really horrible. I'm not a doctor so I can't really help you out, but Get well soon anyway!
    Anyone else had a frightening experiece they'd like to share, here, on the forums?
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      Scary stuff, hope you get well soon! My coworker had a similar incident,
      her lungs collapsed and couldn't breathe. She was rushed to hospital and
      had to put her on a machine so it can breathe for her since she could not
      use her lungs. She stayed in hospital for about 2-3 weeks. She is fine
      now and back to 100%.
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        I am gonna have this tooth that begin to annoy at 17-18 extracted and I am really afraid of injections .... (needed for anesthesia)
        It's next monday Sept 22.

        I already asked for euthanasia with pills...cuz I didn't want to get injected, but mom convinced me my future Aviation career is not worth an injection...blagt.