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  • Do you like where you live?

    I have always hated where I live...crummy old Duluth, F&*^ing GA. And I guess I've made it known, which explains why the football team chased me through school on Freshman Fridays all last year....

    But now, when I look at it, Duluth, GA is one of the best places to live. WE have a nice downtown district, along with an amphitheatre with a fountain in front of it. There are several really nice shops in the downtown district, and they are all not too expensive. An ice cream/coffee shoppe stands next to the amphitheatre. Our high school is one of the best in the State, and it is a nationally recognized "excellent school award" winner. Even though GA is 50th in SAT scores, our county's scores are well above the national average.
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    My wife and I live (in our opinion) in the coolest place on earth. OK, so I don't expect anyone else to agree with that, but we love Arlington. It is very clean, pretty much free of crime, is close to Georgetown, the District, National Airport, and has lots of cool shops and restaurants. It also has a great downtown/urban mix. The downside is that it is a little on the expensive side. But we wouldn't live anywhere else in the area. We only intend to leave Arlington if my wife gets posted overseas.

    I also love my old hometown, Adelaide. It was a little on the quiet side, but it still means a lot to me, even if I have no desire to ever live there again.
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      I agree with Airigami. I've lived in Arlington since 1993 and lived there since I graduated high school. My father was stationed in the Pentagon while we lived on government housing in Ft. Myer. After my father retired from the Army, we decided to stay in Arlington.

      Ever since I joined the Navy, i'm now stationed in Virginia Beach, Naval Air Station Oceana and I try to drive up to Arlington on the weekends quite frequently.


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        I hate where I live, Rotherham is the most boring, run down, crappy, unhealthy town in the UK, apart from its neighbour Doncaster that is, im pretty sure of it. It also has a pure s***e football team, Rotherham United, and the only nightlife is that of kids causing trouble throing eggs at windows, I should know, i used to do it. Its a place you find 12 year olds in clubs getting drunk and pulling 35 year old perverts.

        In the future, with my career at the moment going towards Cabin Crew I will be looking at re-locating to London at either LGW or LHR, or even Manchester for MAN. In the future I think id like to move to thye US, possibly New York or California area.
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          I love where I live . I live in The Netherlands, in Zoetermeer, a city near The Hague. It's a modern city with nice old monuments! It's also near Rotterdam Airport, but 40km from Amsterdam


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            I love Montreal! except for the Traffic and the airport should be a bit bigger............But besides that I pretty much enjoy living here!

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              i live at AMS i love it because of KLM and i live 2km near AMS ( i know im lucky)
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              thats so childish....

              because hey we all know boeing is better


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                I live in New York City now and, yes, I absolutely love living here! I enjoy almost everything about the city, aside from the sky-high rents, which is really my only complaint. I might move to New Jersey to lower my rent bill within the next year. NJ and NYC are really the same to me.

                Prior to moving to New York, I lived in Edmonton, Canada, Toronto, Canada (briefly), Columbia, South Carolina, Amherst, Massachusetts and Greenbelt, Maryland. I hated Edmonton because it was cold, isolated and boring. Ive been back a few times since I moved away and the city has changed, but my opinion of it remains the same. I liked Toronto at first, but then grew kind of sick of the place. Its not bad, but there are other cities Id prefer to live in. Amherst was boring. Greenbelt was OK. South Carolina was great and the people were phenomenal, but I wish we lived on the coast instead of the inland.

                P.S. I am a five minute walk from LGA!


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                  Living on Long Island is Great!! You have the best of everything. New York City to the west, fantastic beaches, the east end, awesome boating, and an incredible amount of nature.


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                    I've loved everywhere that I have lived so far...Rome, NY; Honolulu, Hawaii, Fort Bragg, NC, Heidelberg, Germany, and now here in Upstate NY.
                    I've never really lived at a place I didn't love...I can't really write about it now, I don't have a lot of time...I'll write more about this topic later on tonight.
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                      Yes and no. Regina is peaceful and is a cheap place to live, but nothing really happens here. It's 200,000 people so it's a good size, I can get anywhere in the city in a 15 minute drive. It is extremely flat and doesn't have much trees outside the city, but inside the city it's nice with a big park (Wascana). It does have the distinction of being the crime capital of Canada with more crime per-capita than any other city. In the summer it averages around 25-38 degrees celcius. In the winter it's anywhere from -15 to -45 celcius. The coldest day I remember it was -45 celcius with a windchill of about -65.
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                        I would like to live at an airport!


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                          Yes. I lived in Peterborough for my first 21 years and thought it was the pits. Nine years ago We moved back. In between I've lived in Toronto (and suburbs) and Montreal. After we had kids we felt it was better to live in a smaller place. Peterborough has 74,000 people. We are in cottage country and while people from Toronto spend hours to get here, I live here. Plus my family is here.


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                            I suppose Arnold is fine, but it's not really a town more of a sprawl stretching from Annapolis to the next named chunk of sprawl. Which in turn stretches to another chunk that stretches to Baltimore.

                            Where I would like to live is Walnut Creek, Ca. it's very nice and you can catch the BART into San Francisco or drive up to the top of Mt. Diablo.


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                              I'm living in a district of Berlin called Prenzlauer Berg, which is very popular among students, artists and "new economy"-companies. Some 70% of the buildings around here "survived" WW2 - unique for Berlin and most other big German cities -, and most of them have been beautifully restored after Berlin Wall came down.

                              I could list quite a number of friends who visited me and immediately felt in love with the open and calm atmosphere and the still enviable cultural vibrancy here.
                              You can safely go out at night, order some wine and giant pizzas at reasonable prices in one of the countless restaurants and pubs where people sit outside on simple wooden benches or discover hidden spots with clubs or non-commercial theaters.
                              Bill Clinton and Madame Albright have had dinner here.
                              It is not the Garden Eden, in fact I miss water and a park of a size worth to be mentioned, but life isn't too bad here, I guess.

                              As for the rest of Berlin: Depends ... Overall, I like Berlin.

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