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I feel sorry for the bear...

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  • I feel sorry for the bear...

    Man interferes with Darwin's grand plan yet again! When the doctors are stitching this fool back together, I hope they slip and do a vasectomy - we don't need his genetics in the gene pool thanks.

    On another note, what a lovely couple...
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    What they missed to mention was, that the man is mentally handicapped.
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      Yes, the man is retarded. He lost his bag inside the enclosure and tried to get it back. Apparently, for him, the bag contained valuables.

      The bear seem to have survived as well.

      You were referring to an old article, btw...


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        Bear is doing well now, so is the man. Both were VERY lucky to survive though.


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          I was reading a book on backwoods hiking a while back and the author was talking about being confronted by grizzly bears.

          He stated that "once a bear has something of yours do not try to retrieve it because he now considers it his."

          Good safety tip I thought.