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Deal with the Tiger Woods scandal?

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  • Deal with the Tiger Woods scandal?

    If a man wants to cheat on his wife... in my humble opinion that is between his wife and himself. Not for the idiot press to blow out of proportion. Give Woods a break! Men and women have been doing this for centuries! From the way things are going one would think sex and cheating started just yesterday!!! Who is so holy to judge him?
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    He's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy!


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      Originally posted by Fear_of_Flying
      Where to begin?

      First, did you really just start two threads in a row, one telling us not to drink too much over the holidays because Christmas is "for families and children", and then this one, advising us not to judge Tiger Woods too harshly even though he just f*ucked over his entire family? That's pretty messed up.

      As far as not drinking over the holidays goes, you're already too late for that one, and I don't see how it's your business how anyone else chooses to celebrate the holidays.

      As far as Tiger Woods goes, people aren't judging him simply because he cheated, they're judging him because he's a billion dollar industry built at least partly around the carefully constructed image that he's the perfect family man. He's a complete fraud!

      I think I'll have one for you, if that's ok. Cheers!
      Exactly if you have the badboy image like Dennis "worm" Rodman you could, itīs less interesting, but
      a perfect family man.
      Eldrick is a demongolfer and a hypocrite, I like John Daly way more.
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        Originally posted by Tesla View Post
        He's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy!
        . And he's not even a member of the PFLof J...


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          Originally posted by SYDCBRWOD View Post
          . And he's not even a member of the PFLof J...


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            Originally posted by snowding
            he's a very naughty boy!
            I'm hearing you... I also believe "He's not the messiah!"