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2009 - the last few hours

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  • 2009 - the last few hours

    Well gang - here I sit at my desk awaiting the last possible business we can close before the end of the day to close out our year - it's what you get for working for an American company - financila year end on 31 December - so for the last 27 years of my working for "Big Blue" - I have yet to have a prolonged Christmas/New Year break. But, be that as it may, I trust that those of you celebrating Christmas and New Year have an awsome festive season and we'll kick off again in 2010.

    For us here in SA, 2010 will be our year of the FIFA World Cup - I'm sure life will be rather exciting here during this time. One thing that HACKS me off on an aviation side of things - as with the Sydney Olympics - we expect far more air traffic during the tournament - now fans who travel to SA from afar, we will have full aircraft - those same aircraft are not going to hang around FAJS et al waiting for returning fans - so, unlike those carriers during the Sydney Olympics who offered DISCOUNTED flights to fill up what would be empty aircraft going back after depositing pax, I have yet to see any carrier doing the same during FIFA 2010 - in fact, fares have been HIKED during this period - shoot the baaaastards !!!!