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  • Lost Dogs Washington State

    Friends were in Ethel Washington yesterday for a Lure Trial with their dogs. They were staying with friends and two of their top show dogs (and beloved family pets) were accidently let out into an area that they are unfamiliar with. Their owners are frantic and heartbroken. The dogs are Pharaoh Hounds. Medium sized, brownish red in color, deerlike in appearance. Big ears that stick up. They were last spotted near Route 12 and I 5. There is a HUGE ground search and reward. But we could use help spotting them from a small aircraft if anyone is in that area. Contact number is: 541-206-9596.
    Last seen yesterday am near Spiffy's in Napavine. Thank You.

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    try contacting some local FBOs in the area.


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      Any Chinese or Korean restaurants in the neighborhood? Might be worthwhile checking their menus.
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        oh man,I hop they find them.I know what that feels like,even though we only lost my 2 cats for an hour,it still feels really bad,no matter how long you lose them for.
        August 29th will be the worst day of the year.


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          Thanks everyone for your suggestions (except the menu suggestion) and sympathy. The dogs were found safe and sound after three days. The Pharaoh Hound folks are a great bunch of people and we worked closely together to get these dogs back. They were/are microchipped, tagged, etc. We always do this with our show dogs. And, I must say, the pilots in that area were wonderful. They offered their FREE time to scout the area and went up as a courtesy. Thanks, again. I enjoy the posts you all submit and even miss some of your spicy posters.