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    I won't be shocked if this thread already exists, but I'm watching George Clooney (et al) in Up In The Air. It seems to me the opening scenes must give a warm glow to frequent flyers. Me, I'm thinking back to one of the first jobs I ever applied for. I was warned that I would probably be living in rented quarters all over the place because the job was 75 percent travel. The fact I kept looking tells me that my psyche wasn't ready for that type of life. Funny, too, since my family never lived anywhere more than 7 years. We moved and moved from Germany to Los Angeles. I think places got old for my father very fast. Maybe why he left his family and 17 and traveled maybe 7 or 8,000 miles to America.

    I guess some people are like that and Clooney plays one. When a young fresh college grad with an oversupply of confidence threatens his choice of life, it is like meth to him and he fights back.

    Anyway, its interesting to me to think just how many addicted road warriors there are who paid to see this movie. Maybe very few because who goes to see a movie about their own lives. But for a lot of us, its the road not taken and we can't help but look.