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members here from as well?

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  • members here from as well?

    Most of the mebers here either dont want tp or cant pay to join or have been banned from there, so why would anyone who's a member there also be here, the tpics being discussed here have already been discussed there, its faster to open, there are more members contributing with more info, a post rarely goes unanswered unlike here. So what do they seek at

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    Exposure for their photographs. Who knows why anyone joins just to type in either sites forums. That is kind of sad to me.


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      I like the forums here better cuz it isn't so large. You get more of a personal response not a flood of the same answers. As far as posting in both, maybe some have friends there and some here and they want to talk to both is that such a wild and crazy idea?
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        Here you usually don't have to deal with members who are consumed with their hatred for other members, the United States, President Bush, Israel, etc. People here seem to respond with a higher level of maturity than on I have yet to see anyone here say that the members he disagrees with are "RepubliKKKans" or "wear a white sheet", or publicly admire bin Laden like some of the more disturbed members do.

        Also, Jetphotos’ administration seems to be more “down to earth” than Dealing with some of the mods, screeners, and admins is like trying to deal with King George. They have power, that makes them right, and there is not a dang thing you can do about it.

        The main reason I stay there is just to provide a conservative view people to counter all the U.S. haters and the ultra leftists. I find it funny to watch them explode when backed into a corner with the truth.


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          Yes, many of the topics in the aviation forum are also topics over @; but when it comes to the off-topic forum over here, it's actually better than's non-aviation forum. There seems to be a higher maturity rate over here. At least over here we don't have the weekly "Northwest's DC-9 replacement?" or A v. B flame fests. I'm a member of both sites, but only upload my photos over here, as the photography forums here have been very helpful in getting my pictures onto the site.


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            I like the rather relaxed atmosphere in this forum, plus the fact that there's hardly any political debate going on. There's more to life than wars between "liberals" and "conservatives", add an "ultra" at your discretion, or "US bashing and Bush hating". However, posts like B757300's have lost their potential to get me fired up, and I shall never again be "discussing" Dubya's foreign policy with a certain group of people. That's basically why I like it here, no such "discussions".


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              I am screener here and rather active in both photography related forums, because I'm interested in those topics.

              But I still upload to, and The reason is, that I want to have my pics online. But for whatever reason, the mentioned online databases don't want 10 pics of the same aircraft taken the same day within a few seconds . So I split them up.

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                I was a forum member on back in the late 90's but after the site got out of hand, I left.

                I will still upload the occasional photo there however.

                This site is still overall better than .

                BTW, nice avatar planecrazy!


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                  Re: members here from as well?

                  Originally posted by planecrazy
                  Most of the mebers here either dont want tp or cant pay to join or have been banned from there, ....
                  Wow, how does he know all of that? Or is it just a "feeling", because one of those reasons is his?


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                    1-its for free
                    2-At are to many forum members
                    3-there are to much Topics at (i dont whant to miss any topic )
                    4-i dont like the crew because some of them can be nasty

                    which site is
                    My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

                    why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

                    thats so childish....

                    because hey we all know boeing is better


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             = or

                      It's a german site in both languages, german and english.

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                        HEY boeing 757300 ur my man!! im a conservitave to i love to listen to rush limbaugh!! And i love to make the democrats mad. When backed in a corner they turn away and pretend ther right

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                          Lol, I try. That's why the idiots run to and flame me there continally. I won't lower myself to their level. If anyone ever wants to see what people on are really like, just read their posts on Its a very sad commentary.

                          Oh, and here's a new one from Just posting a link to a news article to start a thread and noting giving an opinion about it will get the thread deleted.