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  • Attention JetPhoto Net Users

    As we all know and understand these are unusual times.

    As Homeland Security becomes an issue, gas prices increase, and the death of Johnny Cash it has become clear that the world has changed.

    There is a saying: Drastic times require drastic measures

    If you are not aware "we", the mangement at JetPhotos and AirDisaster have experienced a server crash and the loss of a domain name.

    "We" believe that all red-blooded Americans subscribe to the same thought: When things get tough we all pull together.

    In addition we will begin taking donations: Pennies, Nickles, Dimes, Folding Cash; anything you can spare BUT REMEMBER: POSTAGE is $.37 so please try and send an amount that justifies this expense.

    Thank you for your support in these times of hardship.

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    Banner adds? Sorry, don't get any.....


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      I don't get any either (firewall).
      Price increase on gas? Well, I have a Baby-Mercedes Benz (A160). Went to fill her up today. Price 50 EUR, about 49 dollars. The car, a 99 model cost me over 16.000 dollars second hand. Just had it serviced (750 dollars).
      I have a BMW R 1100RS motorbike, model year 1999, bought it this summer secondhand, cost me over 14.000 dollars.
      I paid 3.500 dollars for my D60 camerabody a year ago. Two lenses 4.700 dollars. Maybe you should send me the donations instead. -Pepe-


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        I click on the banner ads, and stay there for atleast a few minutes, because I know some require a user to be on a certain amount of time.

        BTW, shouldn't Chris be the one to tell us to click on his ads and this should be on the Site Realted forum? Are you a site admin?


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          I have been clicking on these banner ads all day now, but I don't understand how it works. Why doesn't it ask me for my paypal account info so they can send me money?

          Or do the banner people send Chris a check each month for all the money my clicking is generating for him? Shouldn't I get a cut of that money if I'm helping him make money for his site? All this internet technology is very confusing for me.


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            Give me an address for PayPal and I will gladly make a donation.


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              [email protected]

              Trump is an idiot!
              Vote Democrats!!


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                There you go, Paypal should send an email.


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                  Thanks Ryan!
                  Trump is an idiot!
                  Vote Democrats!!


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                    No problemo.


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                      My donation is over 50k photo hits.



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                        i dont get this post at all
                        Some people in today's society are so thick!


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                          FedEx sucks!
                          "You can run but you'll die tired."
                          Semper Fidelis
                          United States Marine Corp !


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                            Chris can you tell me what this topic is about?
                            My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

                            why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

                            thats so childish....

                            because hey we all know boeing is better


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                              Originally posted by Boeing752R
                              FedEx sucks!
                              What does this have to do with this topic?