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    THIES, Senegal - Even death cannot stop the violence against gays in this corner of the world any more. Madieye Diallo's body had only been in the ground for a few hours when the mob descended on the weedy cemetery with shovels. They yanked out the corpse, spit on its torso, dragged it away and dumped it in front of the home of his elderly parents.

    The scene of May 2, 2009 was filmed on a cell phone and the video sold at the market. It passed from phone to phone, sowing panic among gay men who say they now feel like hunted animals.
    If you would like, please read the rest of the article. As much as some of you may think that homophobia is funny, and/or not 'that big of a deal' - consider what you are advocating (consciously or not).
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.

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    wow........that is horrible.Hasn't anyone in that country heard of rest in peace??
    August 29th will be the worst day of the year.


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