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  • I laughed out loud

    So, my girlfriend is in the process of getting a student visa to study in the US as she won a scholarship.

    So her uni thats funding it has done a whole lot of the paperwork, so they sent out the visa forms for her to take to the consulate. So we get them, and her middle name has been omitted. We contacted the college, and it was deliberately omitted because having a middle name on the visa form under the middle name section (not a given names section) has confused the consulate and has held up people who have been approved for a visa getting in the country as their names was wrong on the paperwork because the consulate was confused.

    Im sorry, but i laughed out loud. That's brilliant if the college has had the problem that many times they now just dont do the paperwork properly to prevent the consulate from getting confused.
    Sam Rudge
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