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    The Caribbean Regional Aviation Network (CRANE) has been on line since 2008, and is the successor to the Caribbean Airline Pilots' Association Discussion Forum.

    Some background...

    I used to fly for LIAT (Caribbean regional, based in Antigua) and after medical retirement was asked to create that web site and the Discussion Forum. in 2008 the Executive of C-ALPA changed from control of the south-east Caribbean to the north-west, and instead of wanting a vehicle to bring the entire region together I found an introspective group bent on looking inwards and avoiding all possible risk.

    It became almost impossible to communicate with any of them, and in 2007 I was asked to remove the Discussion Forum. In 2008 I was advised that my services were no longer required, the domain and the server account expired, and I have not had a communication since about either continuing or re-starting the web site.

    So in short order I used the Forum database I had saved and re-created it as the CRANE on one of my own domains, and have been working on it daily ever since.

    The CRANE is not your standard Forum... all users must be registered (manually), there are no emails shown or allowed in public, and no SPAM is allowed.

    The CRANE has also been opened up from a pilot-centric animal to all Caribbean or Caribbean-interested individuals with any connection to aviation.

    Since attaching a fancy hit counter to the footer at the end of January 2010, we now have established over 57,000 page views... not too shabby for a small resource addressing a tiny target market.

    If you have Caribbean interests you are invited to register to use the CRANE...

    Please read the Terms Of Use first... the registration address is in there. I also check this (and other resources) every day of life.


    By the way, if you are into genealogy (family tree research), here is my other resource...

    Caribbean Surname Index (genealogy)


    Jim Lynch