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Giant Fossilized Dino Dung Found

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  • Giant Fossilized Dino Dung Found

    Musta had a big meal!

    OTTAWA, Sept. 7 (UPI) -- A team of Canadian and American scientists have identified a fossil found in southeastern Alberta as the world's largest dinosaur "dropping."

    The finding strips the title from a similar T-rex fossile found in Saskatchewan in 1995, the Ottawa Citizen reported Sunday.

    The 75-million-year-old fossilized feces, called a coprolite, is about the size of a kitchen stove. It was found near Onefour by Wendy Sloboda, a freelance paleontologist.

    Sloboda also co-discovered the T-rex coprolite, the Citizen said.

    Scientists are excited about the latest specimin because it contains well-preserved dinosaur muscle tissue.

    Preserved dinosaur soft-tissues, such as muscle and connective tissues, are extremely rare, the Citizen said.

    A paper on the find was published in the latest issue of the scientific journal, "Palaios."

    Emphasis added. LOL! Too big for his own good!

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    Um...wait...I'm a bit dim on this one. So the dino constipated? I've never considered an animal to be capable of constipation...but whatever floats your boat!
    In other terms, that is really cool! Kinda surprising what you can dig out of dino dung.