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BREAKING NEWS: M8.0 Earthquake hits Japan

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  • BREAKING NEWS: M8.0 Earthquake hits Japan

    Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake has been measured in East of Hokkaido in Northern Japan. The quake is 60KM below sea level.

    Magnitude 6 "weak" detected in Kushiro
    Magnitude 5 "Strong" detected in main cities including Tokachi-Ohibiro
    Magnitude 4 detected in Sapporo, Chitose and others

    This has been the largest earthquake so far since the 1995 Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe-Osaka region, which killed 6000.
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    Oh my god!!

    Are there any reports of damage or fatalities???

    How bad was it???

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      That pretty much sucks.


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        USGS said they got a reading of 8.0. The quake hit Hokkaido and Tsunamis of 1-3 feet were observed along some coastal cities. More later...


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          Tsunami warning issued ranging from Alaska to Hawaii, including West coast of Canada and USA until midnight tonight

          Reports coming in saying at least 120 injured

          -Oil refinary in Kushiro area caught fire

          -1 man sent to hospital after a train from Sapporo to Kushiro derailed

          -24300 homes out of electricity in Kushiro area

          -1.3m tsunami has been detected in Kushiro at 5.06AM

          -Despite the earthquake is measured magnitude 8.0 (revised from M7.8, according to Japanese official), hardest hit area, Kushiro, measured Magnitude "6 Weak" twice on 4.50AM and 6.08AM.

          -2 fishing boats capsized

          -3 people injured by falling equipment

          -Japanese Government has established emergency response team at 5.15AM[/b]
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