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Car jumps toll plaza at DFW airport

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  • Car jumps toll plaza at DFW airport

    ...and NO, it wasn't me!

    It looks fake, but here is the story and mugshot of the (obviously) drunk driver.
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    well hell, if you've been to DFW you know how expensive the parking is, I sure don't like paying the tolls too.

    BTW, when coming in from MBJ earlier this month I saw the Steelers plane and what looked like the Cardinals (Arizona) parked next to each other. As we were approaching Terminal D from the runway I looked out the right side of our aircraft and quite away down I could see their tails. Do you know if DFW houses these planes or something? Maybe they were just in town for a meeting or something. It was July 2 if that means anything.

    Here's a pic of it from a different website:

    I notice they are both run by US Airways, maybe they do maintenance there?