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EU court throws out war crime against Bush and Sharon

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    Not sure that Bush needed to be charged with war crimes, but I do think Sharon should be put on trial.


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      Originally posted by JeffinDEN
      Absolutely rediculous.... that punishment amounts to nothing more then a slap in the face to the families of those 7,000 mudered people.
      In some coutries, they don't have the death penalty. Like Belgium. In some countries, if the defendant(s) are old (like I believe at least most of the four accused in this case were), a life sentance may only be 15 years. Courts in some countries don't give out 99-year sentances just for fun or to make a point. As far as I know, most of the defendants in this case were getting on in age. So they'll probably be dead before their prison term expires anyway.

      Also, the defendants are Hutu. Until recently, the country was ruled by Hutus (I think a Tutsi was elected at the last election for the first time in some years). What kind of justice do you think they would have received under a Hutu regime? It would be like asking Slobodan Milosevic to chair the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal...

      And, Jeff, I AGREE that it was a lame sentance. We are in agreement on this. BUT, I still maintain that it is better that such people receive some punishment rather than going free. The nuns claimed sanctuary in the convent and hence the UN War Crimes tribunal in Rwanda couldn't touch them. They only faced justice because the Belgian government brokered a deal with the Vatican. It's a fascinating story.
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