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    Originally posted by jake3525
    Thats kool i root for buffalo!!! They have Winfield and nate clements!!!!
    And Lawyer Milloy and Tequillo Spikes!! Practically invincable defence!!


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      HAHAHAHA Buffalo!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sry Dolphins fan.
      Try to catch me flyin dirty...


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        Originally posted by mikecweb
        HAHAHAHA Buffalo!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Sry Dolphins fan.
        The Bills defence was out there the entire game and scored the Bills only points that night. Bledsoe was terrable.


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          Re: AFL

          Originally posted by jake3525
          Columbus just got an AFL team!The Columbus Destroyers! Should be pretty cool!
          Really? When'd this come up?!? That's pretty cool-the AFL's a pretty fun series to watch, although I've never been to a game. Where are they going to play? Schottenstein Center? St. John's Arena?

          I met one of NBC's announcers for the AFL, Eli Gold, on a NASCAR Charity Cruise a few years ago- nice guy! (Eli Gold was the lead announcer for TNN's NASCAR coverage from 1996-2000)



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            Originally posted by ROS1969
            Sorry for the meanspirited post flaming you about exiling a US state. My comments were rude, mean, and uncalled for.
            Cool website, by the way.
            Thanks, ROS1969. No harm done. Thanks for the compliment, too.

            Originally posted by afkabruce98
            Hey Airigami, how about my Brisbane Lions? Are you planning on watching the grand final this afternoon?
            Alas, no. We only get an hour's highlights package here on a week's delay on Monday nights (which is, I believe, more than most of the US gets, so I should be thankful!). Unfortunatelty, the Grand Final is not shown live. (Don't get me started on the lack of coverage of the Rugby World Cup!!!)

            Incidentally, congratulations, Bruce, on your Lion's third-in-a-row!
            20.14 (134) defeated 12.12 (84)

            My team is the Chokers, otherwise known as Port Power...
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              Thanks mate! I'm a born and bred Queenslander living in NSW so it is great to be able to rub it into the Swans fans here in Sydney and especially any victorians that I meet. I remember the years I was in America for university study that it was hard to find much rugby league or cricket or afl coverage. The rugby world cup should be interesting. Go Aussies!


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                Delta rules

                they will play in nationwide areana. Go to or for more information

                season tickets are ridiculously cheap!!!
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