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    Originally posted by Simpleboy View Post
    Not that anyone seems to care, but some photos from yesterday,
    'Course we don't care - you buggers have been whipping our butts in the rugby for too long now, besides, we have enough kiwi's underfoot here in Oz to completely repoplate NZ a couple of times over even if you were all wiped out.

    Now stop sooking and go rebuild something


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      Well, its quitening down quite a bit, many buildings are being destroyed, and some others are just hanging in. Im hoping to make a trip into town in the next couple of days to see whats what. A few roads are still closed and will be for some time. Farmers are having fun with faults in their properties, some north of CHC are over 1m deep and peopel can crawl in them, though im not sure what would happen if another aftershock hit.

      Uni is reopening on the 15th with lectures resuming the following Monday. They have adopted their own aftershock measuring device by using the pins from ten pin bowling, painted them as penguins and the strength of the quake is dictated by how many penguins fall down.
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