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  • Manual vs Automatic...

    To shift or not to shift-that is the topic of discussion.

    So what do you prefer to drive, a manual tranny or an automatic? Why?

    I have driven both over the years and prefer a manual in most cases. Automatic comes in handy when stuck in heavy traffic. Manual is best for performance driving-downshifting around the curves, ect.

    My ideal car is front engine/rear drive, with a 4 or 5 speed manual transmission. This is the ideal performance layout. Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche build the finest performance cars on the planet (at a premium price might I add) and have never strayed far from this layout. The Porsche 911 is the only exception-being rear-engine/rear drive.

    90% of all vehicles sold in the US are automatic transmission equipped. So sad. Wish they still made cars with the standard "three on the tree".
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    We have 3 cars. Mine is an automatic and the others are manual's. I have the automatic because I'm too lazy to shift. Maybe with time though I'll learn it.


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      Automagic or Sportshift


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        well in The Netherlands we almost don't have automatic
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          In France, we also unfortunately have not many automatics, probably even fewer than in The Netherlands, since fewer US made cars are regularly importated here. I thing that 99.75 % of cars sold in France come out with a manual shift !
          Personnaly, I much prefer Automatic which provide for (my point of view) a more relaxed driving, especially when more or less glued in those F...d traffic jams.
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            I prefer manual over auto. My car is manual and it is easy to drive, best performance, less wear and tear on your breaks, more exciting to drive and just about the majority of Jeep Wranglers are manual.

            I have driven auto and it seems pretty boring to drive.


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              I thought of starting this topic. I work for a well known car hire firm (that rhymes with the plural of "hurt").

              Many people assume they are hiring an automatic but they get a manual. I would find it embarrassing to admit I couldn't drive a manual car like some people have to in this situation.

              A manual is nicer anyway. It saves you fuel as an automatic changes gear too late in most situations. A manual costs less to build and maintain. As gocaps16 said it saves wear on your brakes. A manual car enables you to change down gears as you slow down, with the engine assisting in slowing down and not entirely reliant on the brakes.

              Most cars in the UK are manual. If you take your driving test in an auto you can only legally drive an auto. If you take it in a manual car you can drive a manual or automatic. For that reason most people learn to drive manuals and stick with a manual.

              Unless you are driving a luxury car, a manual is usually best (in my opinion)
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                Well here in Germany most cars have manual transmisions, with either 5 or 6 speeds. I drive two cars that are very different from one another: a Porsche Carrera 3.2 (237hp) with a 5-speed, of course, and an old Jetta Diesel (54hp) with an automatic. I might add that I probably have the only Jetta Diesel with an automatic on this continent! In the wintertime it's nice to get into the old Jetta and not have to touch an ice-cold shifter on the way to work. It only uses 5 liters per 100 km's (about 56 miles per gallon). The 911 uses a bit more gas, and is a little nicer to drive in the summertime.


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                  Manual - Much Zoomier!!!

                  Zoom Zoom Zoom...
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                    Well I drive a manual and love it, thing is the car is a camry so its not a performance car or anything, it just makes the drive more fun. Nothin like spinning the wheels in a piece of jap crap like that. O ya if I couldn't drive a stick then I couldn't drive my dads miata, so it all works out.
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