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Help me figure this out please

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  • Help me figure this out please

    Talking to a friend of mine today, she said she had a car in her garage that was non working. She said it was a 15 year old or so Toyota or Japenese car of some sort. She said it had pop up headlights and two doors. I cant remember the name of it though, and shes out of town. Any help would be appreciated.
    It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.

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    I woudl guess its either a Supra or an MR2. I have an older supra and here's what it looks like Hope this helps. Its a nice car when its working, mine is the twin turbo version and has 280 hp. I miss her dearly, right now my brother is driving it.


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      Might be a mazda RX7, my mum has one thats 15 years old, it has pop up lights and 2 doors, and the batteries dead! Fulfils all requirements. Have you been talking to my Mum...
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        Has your mom moved to Illinois and is 15 years of age?
        It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.