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WhaleWars: Bethune admits to sabotaging his own boat; drops HUGE SeaSheph revelations

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  • WhaleWars: Bethune admits to sabotaging his own boat; drops HUGE SeaSheph revelations

    Or perhaps I should say "allegations." Still, they're some doozies of an accusation!!

    For those of you who are fans of "Whale Wars"... you might be interested to see this.

    It's long been known that the renegade Sea Shepherd volunteer Pete Bethune had some social and legal beef with that particular conservation society, after being held in a Japanese detention center and effectively abandoned by the organization. Yet, for understandable/obvious reasons, it's been kept mum to the public. Not anymore. And it's a whopper.

    Two days ago, he, and his friend/sponsor Ady Gil (for whom his destroyed boat was christened) posted, under apparent frustration + attack of conscience, an admission to scuttling (read that: "sabotaging") the Ady Gil after it had collided with the Shonan Maru #2, so that it would sink. He claims to have done this under the order of "Admiral" Paul Watson, and under the first-hand supervision of Captain Chuck Swift. Cameras were not allowed to film the event for the popular Animal Planet network show.

    In addition to what he claims to be his biggest regret, he also launches several allegations against Sea Shepherd; ranging from feigned ignorance to what he believes should've been obvious events, to outright lying/staging of other events for media attention.... particularly the 1st-season incident of Paul Watson allegedly getting shot by a unknown sniper.

    Here's the "confession" in its entirety, typos and all. Bethune has removed it from his own Facebook page, after hundreds of he-said-she-said commentary by other Sea Shepherd members (both for and against him) chimed in. It is however, still visible on Ady Gil's page, where Bethune continues to discuss it with fans/media/etc.

    Pete Bethune Without prejudice

    I am writing this in an effort to curb the increasing dishonesty by
    SSCS towards myself and the volunteers and supporters of Sea Shepherd.
    I am going public regarding the following issues:

    ...Number One: Deliberate Scuttling ...of Ady Gil
    After the ramming of the Ady Gil, Chuck said to me that Paul, the
    Admiral of the Sea Shepherd fleet, wanted me to scuttle the Ady Gil.
    He said there was no point in towing the boat all the way to the
    French base, and that it would be best if the boat was just sunk and
    we could get on with chasing the whalers. Later that day, Chuck and I
    went to the Ady Gil, and I performed the necessary tasks with Chuck
    observing. Ady Gil then gradually took on water, and later that night
    she was left to sink, while the Bob Barker moved on to pursue the

    I felt horrid before, during and after the scuttling and I have felt
    terrible about it ever since. It broke me heart to sink a vessel that
    had been such a big part of my life, and I also felt we had betrayed
    SSCS sponsors, SSCS supporters, Ady Gil, and the public by lying about
    it. It was a totally dishonest thing to do and as a conservation
    group, the order is a total breach of ethics.

    I sincerely regret my role in this. I apologise unreservedly to Ady
    Gil, and Sea Shepherd Volunteers and supporters, all of whom I have
    let down. It was the wrong thing to do, and while I was under orders
    to do so, I should have refused to carry out the instructions. I am
    resigning from Sea Shepherd forthwith.

    Concern Number 2: The Bow and Arrow
    When I met with Paul Watson in July 2009, he gave me permission to
    take a Bow and Arrow to Antarctica, with the idea of pasting a poison
    on the arrow tips (or fake poison), and firing them into dead whales
    while they were being transferred from harpoon vessel to processing
    ship. When I met Paul on the Steve Irwin in Antarctica, I confirmed
    all tactics, and he again said I had permission to use the bow and
    arrow if we came across a suitable situation.
    After the Ady Gil was scuttled, crew of the Shonan Maru found four
    arrows in the water. SSCS issued a press release denying all knowledge
    of the arrows, suggesting instead that the whalers had planted them as
    false evidence. There was no need to say anything at all. The story
    was the Ady Gil had sunk…not that some arrows had been found. No one
    really cared about four arrows when the whalers had explosive harpoons
    and 12 gauge shotguns.
    In issuing the press release, SSCS was lying to media. It was a
    mistake to ever deny the arrows, and the communications debacle since
    then has been a total disgrace.
    While I was imprisoned in Japan, senior Sea Shepherd people saw that
    the bow and arrow was to appear in the first episode of whale wars,
    and Lizard Productions refused to delete the scenes. SSCS wrongly felt
    they were in for a backlash about perceived violent tactics. They
    decided to expel me from SSCS. I have had this meeting verified by two
    sources. Chuck Swift falsely claimed in a press release that I took a
    banned weapon to Antarctica. Paul Watson then backs up Chuck by
    agreeing that he had no knowledge of the bow and arrow, and that yes I
    was expelled from SSCS.

    Issue #3. The false Expulsion from SSCS
    Several people left Sea Shepherd in protest at my treatment, and many
    others threatened to never support SSCS again. SSCS then goes into
    damage control. It announces they had not really expelled me, but in
    fact had done it to assist in my sentencing. Note my lawyers believed
    the tactic did not really help my cause, as it portrayed me as
    dishonest – it implied for example I had taken a bow and arrow without
    the permission of Paul Watson. The lawyers repeatedly told me they had
    nothing to do with the expulsion, and they certainly would never have
    recommended it.
    My legal team in fact only found out about the expulsion after it was
    announced to media. My legal team did include the expulsion in court
    evidence, reasoning it was now in the public domain, and the Judges
    would already be aware of it. But in no way did my legal team ever
    request, recommend or suggest that my expulsion would in any way
    assist with sentencing.
    On getting out of prison, Paul Watson said to me I was not expelled,
    and I was welcome back on all future campaigns. Several other senior
    SSCS people however confirmed that the expulsion was because of the
    bow and arrow, but the increasing backlash against my treatment had
    made SSCS come up with a suitable guise – in this case, it was all
    part of the master strategy to help with sentencing.

    Issue #4. The Secret Agreement with Japanese Judges
    In August while I was in LA I said to both Paul that I wished to go on
    the next Antarctica campaign. Paul said there were some reservations
    about my going to Japan, and he suggested that a deal had been done
    with the Japanese judiciary. After several conversations and
    subsequent emails, he confirmed we really owed the Japanese nothing, I
    could go on the next campaign, I could do my Pacific Yellowfin
    project, and SSCS would help to promote and sell my book. A few weeks
    later the number of books SSCS would purchase was agreed at 800. This
    order was placed on my authors account with the publishers.
    Then in September, I was again told that SSCS had made a supposed
    secret agreement with Japanese Judges. This entailed my not
    participating in another Antarctica campaign, in exchange for a
    suspended sentence. This of course is in contrast with Paul and
    Laurens’ assurances on my release that I was still a bona fide member
    of SSCS and welcome on the next Antarctica campaign. It also
    contradicts the email sent from Paul following my release.
    I have spoken to lawyers in Japan, a Japanese prosecutor, and several
    Japanese Journalists, and all have said it would be impossible for
    SSCS to reach any secret deal with the Judges. There is in fact no
    evidence to support this. No one knows who made the deal, which judges
    it was with, and what the specific terms were. It would represent
    interference in the judicial system.
    If the head of the biggest Yakuza faction, incidentally some 3 cells
    down from mine in the Tokyo Detention Centre, and with many millions
    of dollars in assets at his disposal - well if he cannot make a deal
    with the Judiciary, what hope does an organisation like SSCS,
    routinely derided and despised in Japan as a terrorist organisation,
    have of cutting an illegal deal? The answer of course is none. There
    was no secret deal with the Judiciary.
    My legal team all along said a suspended sentence was inevitable, as
    long as I cooperated with the Prosecutor and acted humble and contrite
    in court…which I did. If I refused to say anything however, they said
    the trial would take years and cost millions. I was advised if I took
    the “nobody talks, everybody walks” approach, I would be detained for
    a much longer period. So under advice from the legal counsel, I did
    agree to things to expedite the trial. This included pleading guilty
    to four charges, and acknowledging that Paul Watson was the Admiral of
    the fleet and gave instructions to me.

    Pete Bethune Issue #5. The faked shooting of Paul Watson
    A number of crew on the Bob Barker and Steve Irwin were discussing the
    alleged shooting of Paul Watson. In the first series of Whale Wars,
    Paul Watson was supposedly shot crew of the Nisshin M...aru.
    SSCS Crew present on that voyage argued strongly to me that the entire
    episode was faked. I was not on the campaign, so in fact I don't know
    if it is in fact true or not. However given what I've witnessed in the
    last year, and my knowledge of the Japanese crew, I would bet $500,000
    at odds of 10:1, that the event was staged.
    The shooting represents just another lie that does little for the
    credibility of SSCS. The organisation does not need to lie or be
    deceptive to sell its message. The public will support the cause of
    stopping whaling, however they will not support SSCS if they become
    aware of the many lies the organisation increasingly propagates
    through media.

    What I am requesting:
    What really concerns me most is the apparent moral bankruptcy of
    senior SSCS personnel. They routinely conspire and lie over serious
    matters, with little regard for people like myself who they malign and
    bulldoze along the way. They misrepresent themselves to the public who
    are generous enough to support them, and to media who they rely on to
    promote their cause.
    The short time I have been associated with SSCS, and the sheer number
    of lies I’ve witnessed, makes me realise there is a large and
    increasing number of skeletons hidden in the SSCS closet. It is time
    for this closet to be closed (or opened fully) and for the
    organisation to move on.
    I am asking that from now on, SSCS determine to act in an honest way
    with its volunteers, supporters and media. SSCS does not need to lie.
    Saving whales, dolphins, tuna and sharks are noble causes, and the
    public will embrace these as worthwhile. The story does not need to be
    manipulated and changed in order to get public support.
    Secondly, volunteers like myself should be treated honestly and with
    respect. If an agreement is made with a volunteer, then it should be
    honoured. This process of agreeing to things, only to renege a month
    or two later is simply unacceptable for a volunteer organisation.
    Since returning home I have been contacted by numerous volunteers all
    unhappy at how SSCS has treated them. The sheer number of complaints
    suggests that SSCS routinely treats Volunteers with contempt.

    As of today, I am resigning from Sea Shepherd. Having been party to
    the deliberate sinking of the Ady Gil, I do not deserve the support of
    other volunteers and supporters who deserve its members to act with
    honesty and integrity. I am also tired of the management team that I
    now perceive as morally bankrupt.

    My biggest disappointment is I truly love the many Sea Shepherd
    volunteers and supporters who have made such a massive impact,
    especially in shining the spotlight on Japanese whaling. I hope that
    from here, the organisation can regroup and move forward with resolve
    and purpose, and with a new modus operandi that has it dealing
    honestly with volunteers, supporters and media. There is no one else
    currently in Antarctica stopping whaling, and so Sea Shepherd has a
    vital role to play. They also have an obligation however to be true to
    the people that provide labour, funding and resource for the
    organisation to survive.
    ...what say you all?
    Us, lighting a living horse on fire:

    Check it out!

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    Whale wars is boring....I suggest watching "Whale Whores" on SOuthpark...."And once again on whale wars,nothing is happening."
    August 29th will be the worst day of the year.