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  • BWI/DC area guys

    Hey guys,

    This thread is mainly for us spotters in the DC area such as myself, Airigami who lives where I live, and Greg in Baltimore.

    I was just thinking that I've never met you guys in person and I think it would be pretty cool to meete in person at like BWI or DCA next weekend or so. Usually in the past couple weekends like right now and perhaps next weekend too, I'm usually in Arlington, VA taking a break from crappy VA Beach.

    If you think that's a cool idea, let me know or email me at [email protected]

    I know you guys with the Wash/Balt Spotters group do alot of meetings at BWI and I've only met with a few of them. I do not go to BWI like every weekend like you guys do, well since I live 40 miles from BWI too...but once in a while I do.

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    It's a nice idea ... let me see how things are shaping up for the next couple weekends...
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      ohhhh, thanks for the fast reply.

      If anyone is up for tomorrow late afternoon at DCA, I'll probably be up for is suppose to be nice with south winds.


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        I was up at BWI yesterday till it got too dark. And missed Icelandair 757 in o/c.

        If you guys are up at BWI some weekend shoot me an e-mail.

        I know Airgami was at the Planepull on the 20th, what about you Kevin?


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          No, I didn't go to the planepull since it was the day after the hurricane and gasoline was very scarced in the area since no power to supply the pumps and temorary gas shortage so I stayed home.


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            It was quite nice except for the lack of any real activity on the adjacent runway. And when there was something my pitiful camera butchered it. Oh well there is always a 300D to look forward to.