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A message for B757-300 (although others can participate)

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  • A message for B757-300 (although others can participate)

    I'm pondering on coughing up 60 buckos to join's forums to post aviation stuff, of course, but also to give a piece of my mind to the Anti-American/Eurotwit/ultraliberal crowd over there...

    Is it worth the spending???

    Gimme an answer, your input is valuable.

    And if you're someone other than B757-300, your opinion is also welcome!!!

    A Colombian guy moved by the winds of fate to St. Louis, MO

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    I wouldnt do it man. Yea itd be awsome to share ur opinions with all the anti america /euro/liberals but is it woth 60$??i mean if u back 1 into the corner that johan or some1 is gonna come riding into battle like a knight in shinning armor and boot -YA. Or if you bash his site as well!

    I wouldnt do it its a waste of ur time! Spend ur time on jnet man spend 60$ on a rams game or somethin 4 urself!

    Id rather u stay here with us!!!
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      I'll send you a PM about it shortly.


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        Not worth it whatsoever!! I shell out $60/yr there and it's just crazy. Drop me a line and I'll tell you more in private if you want. $60/year can go to better causes...I'm thinking of cancelling my membership.


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          Why would you want to spend your money to post on a public forum? If you want more aviation discussion check out Chris's other site Air Pound for pound has the best discussion in aviation then any site around, and it's FREE!


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            I get the feeling that even if you are paying, Johan won't hesitate to ban you if you try to discuss anything he doesn't like :P
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              Allright.....sorry for seeming dumb about this....but whats the deal with this Johan guy? Why does he have a reputation for being such a pr!ck?

              Can a guy really be that bad?


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                You won't need $60 p/a, but only $25 once and you're a "PremiumMember":

                And while you're at bashing Johan, why don't you take a look right here:

                If you are an even merely tolerant person and don't insist that you're the best, your country is the best and all Crewmembers are arses, you'll have a good time over there. It's very easy to not have posts deleted; actually, I think it's pretty hard to get a "flamebait" deletion... but that must of course be because of my open and harsh anti-Americanism.

                I'd like to see the day when every forum member at is just relaxed and doesn't want to get into fights over the same bullshit AGAIN; much like it's over here. Somehow, nobody at seems to feel like "pointing out" how bad/good America/France is every other day, and if you take that spirit over to "the other site", you won't get into trouble.

                Please stop this annoying "Johan is a _ _ _ _ _ _ _" crap, BOTH and are great sites.


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                  Originally posted by SammyTheG
                  Allright.....sorry for seeming dumb about this....but whats the deal with this Johan guy? Why does he have a reputation for being such a pr!ck?

                  Can a guy really be that bad?
                  Let's call it "some people's grief", OK? They got into trouble at and weren't able to stand it, so of course, only Johan Lundgren is guilty.


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           is a place to see the worst of The majority of the people who post on both sites are the most childish members from Since they can't post personal attacks (usually) on, they run over to that sad site to post their dribble.

           was setup to be place to gripe about Johan and his policies. At the time, people were being banned right and left for trivial and very childish things. If you disagreed with Johan, it was bye-bye. Later the discussions turned to the insane behavior of certain moderators. Finally, the members of who canít take anyone disagreeing with them all ran over there to post their tripe. My two favorites are Alpha1ís comment that JCS17 and I wear white sheets and burn crosses and David bís (SpyforJohan) calling anyone who arenít students of Marx & Lenin ďRepubliKKKansĒ. He also likes to do this on


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                      This is definitely a post of yours that I agree with; strange thing, already happened earlier... Anyway, I think that solely the non-av forum shouldn't stop anyone from joining the forums. Overall, I think they're much better than some of the non-av wars might imply, especially Tech/Ops is a great place for me.

                      I guess politics aren't exactly the thing that helps keeping discussions civilised, so the less you talk politics, the less you'll be upset.


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                        I think the non-aviation forum is a lot better than it was before. There are still a few really hostile users on there, and the mods should do a lot more about them, but itís been cleaned up a lot since Johan temporarily decommissioned it.

                        However, the civil aviation forum is much worse now and a lot of threads there turn into political flame fests. And the problem is always with a few choice hostile users. It would be oh-so-simple if the forum administration simply banned those few users, but they donít seem to have the gumption to do so.

                        Until the mods get some fucking balls, the forums will still continue down the downward spiral.


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                          I do. I enjoy the site without any advertisements. It's only 5 bucks a month. Surely that won't hurt.

                          Chris should do the same here. It has a tendency to purge certain types of members that just want to cause trouble.


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                            Whats up ALoges?!?!?!

                            I've been pondering the same thing... Is it worth 25 dollars... PLus, I don't even know if Im wanted back at



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                              I do. I enjoy the site without any advertisements. It's only 5 bucks a month. Surely that won't hurt.
                              Actually, there's something called pop-up blockers and they work wonders. But if you think the $5/month gets rid of the trash on that site, you should think again.

                              And Jeff, I've never seen you participate in the non-av forum.