Recently took my first ever flight. It was on an Easyjet Boeing 737 from Stansted to Prague. FANTASTIC!!
I would love to download a picture or two of this "historic" event in my life,but didn't manage to get the registration number of the plane.
I thought it would be nice to have a picture and technical details of the ACTUAL plane though. One more for the photo album! Does anyone know how I could find out the reg.no.?? or could anyone let me know the reg.no.
Flight details were:
Departure, London Stansted at 18:15
Date: Thursday 25th September 2003
Destination: Prague, Czech Republic
Flight No: EZY3627
Aircraft: Easyjet B737 I believe

If anyone is interested, I returned today,29-09-03 again with Easyjet. This time I did get the reg. no. it was G-IGOT. Again, a Boeing 737.
Return flight was from Prague to Stansted flight no. EZY3622. It arrived at Prague 15mins late (09:55 instead of 09:40) but managed to make up time en route to Stansted. Again the flight was superb! I think I've got the bug now, can't wait to fly again.
Many thanks in anticipation if anyone can help,
allen rotten
ps I'm age 38