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Does this make you mad????

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    hey i didnt know that had a langue filter i typed in F you see K and it came out as ****
    frist is my last name, not a type-o


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      I have to agree with Thomas, who asked "Who gives a rat ass over a 3 month old archived thread?"

      Some people need to get a life, imho.
      Trump is an idiot!
      Vote Democrats!!


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        Originally posted by Greg
        Kevin (Kaddyuk) has posts there is because the date he posted was Jul. 4. He also posted here then. He is currently working at Heathrow for VS away from his computer at his home in Manchester. I believe he started a topic about his leaving before he left.
        OK, I didn't see that it was 3 months old.


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 are now more serieos in letting fotos in to the data base, because after the start of this topic all my photos are rejected at
          My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

          why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

          thats so childish....

          because hey we all know boeing is better


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            It doesn't make me mad what the other guys said at I may not be a photographer, but I prefer the photos here at I also prefer the forum's, too. I think this is a better site.


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              I like it over here at, it seems that we are all here becasue aviation is our hobby. I take pictures of planes for enjoyment and not profit.

              Plus I can always look forward to some of JeffinDEN's comments!!!

              PS: JeffinDEN congrats on your 1000th post.


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                Originally posted by CO66

                Plus I can always look forward to some of JeffinDEN's comments!!!
                I do too! :P


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                  We don't care what "others" say...we know our photos are GOOD here!
                  Check out my photos at!


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                    It just shows how immature and unprofessional thier site really is. I still don't see the logic behind the bickering with and