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30 Sec clip of Kylie Minogue's new single "Slow"

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  • 30 Sec clip of Kylie Minogue's new single "Slow"

    Sounds different from Can't Get You out Of My Head!
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    it sounds cheap.............
    My New Photo Name on is DutchAviation!!!!

    why should we fight about wich aircraft manufactor is better..............

    thats so childish....

    because hey we all know boeing is better


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      Sounds like it was made with that ACID music program. Cheap is a good word to describe that drab sound.


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        I think I couldn't watch 5 secs of a Kylie Minogue video without questioning my real sexual orientiation...

        A Colombian guy moved by the winds of fate to St. Louis, MO


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          I really don't think Kylie's music is that great at all, even her for that matter!!!

          Now, if we are talking Aussie, then Natalie Imbruglia is HOT! , and her music rocks!! Plus, shes not showy like Kylie. I just think that its a bad idea to be showy just to sell your music!!

          Hell if that was the case maybe, me and my band should be showy at our next gig to sell our records.....or maybe not!!

          Pete Ganabathi
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