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  • Dear......

    Dear Cup Cake,
    The fact that you cover yourselves up with icing say's allot about your self esteem. Sincerely Muffins

    Dear Optimist,
    That's not a light at the end on the tunnel, that's the train. Sincerely Pessimist

    Dear Yahoo,
    I have never heard anyone say, "Let's Yahoo it"...... just saying !..... Sincerely Google

    Dear Old men at the gym....,
    Wearing short shorts does not make your man hood look anymore attractive. Sincerely The World

    Dear Ice Berg's,
    Sorry to hear about "Global warming" karma's a bitch!. Sincerely "The Titanic"

    Dear Santa,
    Please tell me how you manage to stop at "three ho's". Sincerely Tiger Woods

    Dear "Man" in the car picking his nose,
    Please realise that just because you are in your car does not mean you are hidden from the world. Sincerely "I can see you".

    Dear Boy's Wearing "skinny" jeans,
    "I ......cant...... breathe ....!!!" Sincerely "Your Balls"

    Dear Rubik's Cube,
    DONE..... ! Sincerely Colour Blind

    Dear Boyfriend,
    I CAN make your girlfriend scream louder than you can !. Sincerely "A Spider"

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    These are great!