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    Anyone going to the Long Beach airshow at KLGB on Fri, Sat, & Sun (Oct. 3-5)? I'm looking forward to going and watching the USN Blue Angels as well as the Canadian Snowbirds performing for thie first time here at KLGB. Along with those include a heritage flight performed by a USAF F-16 along with 2 P-51's, as well as a stealth pass supposedly by a USAF B-2 and a USAF F-117 :P They are also suppose to have a USAF B-1B and a USN F-14 do a tactical air demonstration. Along with military demos, civillian demos include a 'History of Flight' which the centennial of aviation is being commemorated by a parade of historic aircraft. Not to mention the aerobatic performers including Kirby Chambliss, Michael Goulian, Greg Poe, and Sean D. Tucker. Take four of the finest civilian aerobatic pilots, put them in the same aerobatic box FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, then just stand back and enjoy the spectacle. How great is that?!!! Also included is Teresa Stokes performing her daring wingwalking routine on Gene Soucy’s Showcat. Ok, does that sound like a great show or what?!

    Well, I hope I didn't get your hopes because just heard this from the city council and supposedly the airshow is oficially cancelled due to security concerns and security risks.

    My 1st expression:
    My 2nd expression: (You're kidding right?)
    My 3rd expression: (No!!! - After I e-mailed city council)
    My 4th Expression: & (What am I suppose to do on Sat. knowing that there WAS suppose to be an airshow but now there isn't???)

    Oh yeah, they were also suppose to have a the 'Military Storms the Queen Mary' show— which include helicopter gunships passing by overhead to clear the area...while US Army paratroopers jump into The Queen Mary Events Park and the USN SEALS climbing the decks of the Queen Mary...followed by a US Navy fighter jet in an awe-inspiring vertical climb with afterburners aglow in the night sky. All done right at the famous haunted cruise liner, "The Queen Mary".

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    500 X 100.

    -Clovis needs work on his as well...


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      Well I WOULD have gone...LGB is just a hop skip and a jump from Hermosa Beach...oh well. I have ramp access at KVNY for their airshow in June anyway...



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        So they're not having the show at LGB?

        Oh well, time for some spotting at LAX again this weekend I guess...