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The Amazing Self-Repairing Plane!

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  • The Amazing Self-Repairing Plane!

    Something funny I saw on Google Maps when checking out Long Beach Airport, a DC-3 with one wing removed that when zoomed in appears complete!

    (click the plus zoom button once)

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    Different layers makes it possible. Has something to do with the photos taken by various overflights at different times and then put together later. So you'll gonna find those funny things. If you look at the road and compare the cars you'll gonne find some of them disappear and some others are suddenly there.

    get FRA spotting informations here:


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      I have observed this in China. There have been at least two airports you can see when zoomed out a ways and then when you zoom in its gone and replaced by new buildings and no more runway. Bengbu,China is one I just ran across the other day.

      Here it is zoomed in:

      Here it is zoomed out with the airport visible before it was apparently demolished:


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        Uh, those photos don't appear to be of the same area.


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          They are the same exact place.


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            I don't think so. Too many dissimilarities, even accounting for the levels of zoom.


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              Look up Bengbu,China for yourself then. (well I guess Google Maps recognizes it as Bangbu even though all my atlases say Bengbu)

              Here's the other place I was thinking of, Zhengzhou,China. That marker is in the same exact place in both pictures, only its obvious that airport has been torn down when zoomed in which are newer pictures.

              I guess the Chinese could be messing with us.

              Heres the place from my first post with the marker in the same exact place in both photos.