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    Hey -

    I'm going to be in Oxford for a week in early May, and seeing as Brize is only 50 min away by the local bus I thought of taking a day trip over there. I had considered going to Heathrow, but that's much more expensive, although I could get many more pictures from Hatton Cross etc. and see exotic types like A380s galore, and fill my logbook/photo cache up. I'll be flying into LHR though, and I can always stay there for a bit the morning I arrive and/or go to the airport early for the trip back across the pond.

    Long and the short of it is, what to expect at Brize? I want to go there because it's really the only place in the world (or one of them) where you can see VC-10s and L1011s in action, the end of an era. I have found several spotting guides there, but want to know when the launches/arrivals ususally are - I can't imagine that a refuelling base has a steady stream of traffic all day, and I wouldn't want to waste most of my time just sitting at a dead strip.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Hard to tell as always with military airfields. Post your question here, many locals and airbase-spotters are active in this forum, they may be able to provide some info:

    When I was in Brize I didn't get anything all afternoon but a single C-17, the approach spot is nice though.