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  • Best European airport to spot at

    Hi all,

    firstly I hope this is the right section of the forum to post in- if not Mods feel free to move it!

    I am visiting Europe in the middle of September this year, and have a day In London with not much to do! All in all considering another day at LHR/LCY this day is free and I am looking at flying to a close european airport for a daytrip for some spotting. At this stage I am strongly leaning towards AMS as it seems very spotter friendly and with easy access to the obs deck at the terminal.

    So I want to gauge people's thoughts- AMS sound like a good idea? A second day at LHR to catch up on what I mightve missed on the first? or somewhere completely different?

    The determining factors im considering at the moment are :
    1. variety of traffic
    2. heathaze/backlit issues with spotting locations and the time of season
    3. early morning/late evening flights available on an LCC namely Easyjet so i can get a decent days worth if i do venture out of London for the day.

    I look forward to people's thoughts.

    kind regards,


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    Amsterdam would be the best bet but for a locost airline you'll have to go to Gatwick, Stansted or Luton.

    Based on a midweek, mid month September visit....
    easyJet have 5 flights a day from Gatwick and Amsterdam. Earliest Gatwick departure is 0610 and latest Amsterdam return is 2150. Pricewise the basic cost is around 80 return but there will always be some kind of extra to add on.
    British Airways fly from London City at 0755 arr. AMS at 1005. Dep AMS 1955. Total cost 129.99. By the time you factor in travel to Gatwick and back you'd probably be better off travelling from LCY with BA.

    The only problem with Amsterdam is the sheer size of the place. If you want to get around the runways for landings/takeoffs then you really need a car. The viewing deck is awesome but the photography is limited to where the sun moves around and you won't get landings/takeoffs from the viewing deck. Heat haze is also a problem up there when shooting across the ramp. If you do rent a car don't use Dollar. Their office is off airport and you have to waste time waiting for a minibus each end of the day. Car hire should cost between 40 - 50 per day.

    I went on a 3 day weekend trip last year with the European screeners and came back with well over 1,000 images to process. Uploaded something like 200 in the end.
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      Brilliant . Thanks alot for the info!