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    Disefranchised youths are destroying significant sections of the infrastructure in London and other cities in the UK and looting whatever they want.

    Latterly, young groups have been organised by older groups inciting them to greater violence and destruction.

    Reports also convey that rioters are not only preventing the emergency services from helping respectable citizens in fear of their lives as their homes burn and as they lie injured in the streets, but are actively attacking them also.

    The scale of destruction is unprecedented outside the "War Years" and Home Secratary, Teresa May, currently sees no need for the army to be involved citing the Police Force who, clearly, have inadequate resources to be able to contain this scale of events, as adequate adding so long as the community do their bit, whilst Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is quoted in his usual vacuous style as saying that the Olympics will still be great whatever happens.

    However, the social structure of the UK in 2011 is becoming increasingly fractured between the "low end" who destroy other people's livelihoods and endanger their lives as they loot for laptops, Iphones and Nike trainers etc. - not food - disregarding the fact that these are the people who pay the taxes which often ensure that these nihilistic, vacuous "frustrated" youths have enough to eat and a roof over their heads in the first place.

    Increasingly, at this end of society, kids are coming into school at age 4 / 5 with little more than a self-centred four letter word mentality as parents point the finger at a teaching staff who are held responsible for turning their offspring into responsible citizens while the parents avoid all responsibility themselves and are merely allowed to pass on ever increasing levels of nihilism down to their offspring.

    At the other end of society, we have the same destruction but in a different way. Large companies are allowed to avoid paying more than a cursory amount of tax through legalised money laundering as they set up offices in offshore places so that they can make their accounting so complex that no-one could keep track of it, while the banking fraternity hold the country to ransom because we all know that if the financial system of the day collapses, then what usually happens is that the society of the day collapses with it.

    Nihilism at the "top end" accommodated by government policies stemming back to the 1980s, have allowed bankers to engage in betting on the stock market with other people's savings, invetsments and pensions, whether those people have wanted them to do so or not, and which has brought the country almost to financial ruin so that the tax payer is forced to bail the banks out while those very bankers continue to be given bonusues which equate to the building of a new school every week for catastrophically failing in their jobs.

    In both cases, the greed of consumerism has produced people who think primarily about what they do or don't have rather than what true quality of life is, and the UK now trades merely to service the debt it has to support a growing culture of nihilism. The UK manufacturs very little in proportion to the population, so trade usually means inflating sales by producing more desire for "things"... hence inflating the focus on nihilism and, for many, personal debt to service it.

    Unless firm steps are taken against the opposite ends of society - the reportedly "frustrated" irresponsibility at the "low" end and the avaricious irresponsibility at the "top" end, a natural consequence is Civil War.


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    All our final decisions are made in a state of mind that is not going to last (Marcel Proust)

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    Too bad Britons aren't allowed to protect themselves with anything more than a club or bat.

    There is a reason this doesn't happen often in the US, and when it does, it is usually contained to one area and the only thing the rioters destroy is this own section of town. If crap like this was tried in most parts of the US, these punks would have been shot dead.

    That said, send in the army and put them down. They are not peaceful protestors or demonstrating for a good cause. They were out to cause damage just like an invading enemy. If the police cannot handle it, and they clearly cannot, then let the army do what it is designed to do.


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      But the army are only allowed to be used on the second class citizens, as are the rubber bullets, and water cannon, and tear gas, and other measures deemed applicable in BELFAST! for much less.....

      Fuck em let it burn! .......Hypocrites!


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        Originally posted by juan23 View Post
        But the army are only allowed to be used on the second class citizens, as are the rubber bullets, and water cannon, and tear gas, and other measures deemed applicable in BELFAST! for much less.....

        Fuck em let it burn! .......Hypocrites!
        WTF are you talking about, the only hypocrite here is you.


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          You need to take a VERY close look at yourself and your life values. As a paramedic on duty on the nights in question I was involved in a small way in the riots. A small way because I work just outside of London but in an area where the local scrotes decided on a bit of copycat thuggery.( definition of "scrote"....from "scrotum"...a bag of skin and flesh that only contains bollocks !: ....a hooded thug who doesn't give a shit for anyone but themselves )

          The thread author described them as "disenfranchised". Trouble is, they wouldn't even know the word much less its meaning. These people had no interest in the main cause of discontent, i.e. the shooting by police of an armed known drug dealer. They simply used the situation to feed their own greed knowing full well that the police would not be able to initially control a mass frenzy of thuggery, robbery, intimidation and arson by the rioters against their own neighbours. They are nothing less than scum who should really be removed from society and prevented from contributing to the Darwinian chain of evolution.

          The thread author talks of civil war. I fear he may not be too far away from reality....but I also fear that such a civil war would be a three way issue fought between the scum scrotes and fed up "normal" people fighting to maintain their peaceful standard of life, with the police and other security agencies involved, such as the army, contesting against the first two warring factions. The resulting violence will destroy this country.

          So, what is the root of the problem ?
          Lack of parental control for one. The youngest rioter arrested was just 11 years old. What parent allows an 11 year old to roam the streets and act in such a feral manner ?
          The other main root of the problem is the lack a sensible level of control allowed to the police combined with a total lack of judicial effectiveness when dealing with arrested offenders. Our court sentences for civil disorder are laughable in the extreme mostly due to our kissy kissy, huggy huggy "even criminals have rights" bunch of soft headed law makers and their cohorts in government.

          A news flash for you: In my world criminals give up their civil rights when they turn to crime.

          I will actively support any potential government that supports a no nonsense approach to criminal control and sentencing. Our main problem at the moment is that the current government intends to cut police manning, not increase it. I say take a stance similar to that taken by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Mariscopa County, Arizona. Here's a link to an extensive bio about him. I use this link because it includes the perceived bad points as well as his good points. Read it all and especially note the voting records at the end. Despite the perceived bad press he STILL gets voted in to office, voted in by the normal day to day citizen who wants to live a peaceful life.

          Continue to discuss please...but please leave out the crap one liners !
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Uk 2011

            Brian, that is perfect. Living close to another affected City you could not be more right. Listening and watching the abysmal coverage on the media only makes matters worse, the reason its copycat crime is because its repeated time after time on the so called news channels.
            I do not envy you your profession one little bit with some of the scum that is out there.