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  • going around in circles

    im trying to see if can get some images uploaded on the main site but im going around in circles and its confusing me.

    I beleive that i have an account here at the forum and on the main site.. may have the same user/account name. I tried to look up my password as i couldnt find it and it said no one with those details has an account here, yet when i decide to create a new account i get this message that a member with that email address is already a member here...i have a feeling my account has just gone inactive but id like to know!!!

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    You must have an account and you must be logged in in order to create this thread ????
    EDIT: Your name shows in the list of members.

    I suggest you contact "site administration" via the "contact us" at bottom left of the homepage.
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      ah the forum membership linked with the main "photo upload" part of the site...


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        No. Go the forums main page. Members list is the third item from left under the headline banner.
        If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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          well that brings me full circle...i cant log in to view the members list because of the issue that i posted at the top!!

          im waiting for an email to come back from admin


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            There are two different "spaces":
            A) the JPnet forum to discuss things (
            B) the JPnet members page for uploading photos (

            A) The Forum
            You have access to the forum, otherwise you couldn't post here. Brian suggested, that you can view the forums members list on top of this forum. Go to the line where you see the following links:
            User CP | FAQ | Members List | Calendar | New Posts | Search | Quick Links | Log Out

            B) The Jetphotos Members page
            This is a completely different site. But of course you can register an account with the same login and password as in the forums. Perhaps you did it in the past.
            If you have a photo here on JPnet, post a link to this photo. Otherwise contact the admins at "administration (at)".
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              NVM guys just figured it out!!